What is wide aisle pallet racking?

Wide aisle pallet racking is a versatile and cost-effective system designed to store palletised loads. The system consists of adjustable horizontal beams and upright frames that forms the racks and therefore allows the change of stock and storage requirements.

These systems consist of single or double runs which are separated by a wide aisles, normally 2500 – 4000mm, enabling ‘counter-balance’ or ‘reach’ trucks to operate within. This type of racking is one of the simplest systems you can install and use.

This type of pallet racking is installed in many warehouses for a variety of industries as it allows easy and quick access to stock. As well as this, it can be adapted and utilised to suit your requirements and space as you can adapt the height of the racks, the number of rows and much more.

If you are unsure of what type of racking system you may need, Teepee will be able to help decide this based off your requirements and current warehouse space availability!

Wide Aisle Pallet Racking

Benefits of wide aisle pallet racking

There are many benefits of these systems, some of which include:

  • Unrestricted access to pallets at all time.
  • As the system is made up of adjustable beams, they can be re-engineered and re-configured, if necessary.
  • High throughput speed.
  • Due to the nature of the system no specialist equipment is needed unlike VNA racking and therefore standard and counterbalance forklift trucks are used.
  • 5m – 4m in width.
  • Access to all pallets.
  • Requires no specialised equipment.

Additional accessories

Wide aisle racking can be fitted with an array of accessories such as pallet support bars, skids, weld mesh and timber shelves, enabling a vast range of none palletised goods to be stored including boxed products, metal stillages, sheet steel, plastic laminates, carpet and vinyl rolls.

If you require any additional accessories for your wide aisle racking system, please let us know upon your enquiry to ensure we get an accurate quote sent out to you.

Why Teepee?

Our specialists here at Teepee will design, supply and install your wide aisle racking system to meet your requirements. All of our installations comply with pallet racking and health and safety regulations.


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