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Why Teepee for SEMA Approved Pallet Racking Inspections

Daily operations involving MHE, moving products and time constraints can result in general knocks and bumps to your racking. This can have varying degrees of consequences from reducing load carrying capacity without knowing, to the worst case, a full rack collapse. This is why SEMA Approved Racking Inspections are so important.

What is SEMA?

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) are the leading organisation in the storage industry and working alongside the HSE, they have very clear guidelines regarding the design and use of storage equipment. One such guideline states ‘At least a minimum annual racking inspection by a ‘technically competent person’ in addition to having a nominated person responsible for racking safety at your facility.’

SEMA approved rack inspectors (SARI’s) are recognised as ‘technically competent persons’ not only within the industry but within HSE. SEMA has a strict criterion for inspector applicants followed by a continued development plan which includes up to date information from manufacturers. A Teepee SEMA storage equipment inspection report is one you can trust for an honest, independent insight into the condition of your storage equipment.

Our SEMA racking inspection reports

This is why at Teepee we are here for you, our very own SEMA approved racking inspections by our own inspectors carry out annual or more frequent inspections across the UK to the latest industry and Health & Safety standards on pallet racking, cantilever racking, shelving and even mezzanine floors all of which fall under storage equipment legislation. Our SEMA and HSE compliant electronic report details damage in line with the SEMA ‘red, amber and green’ classifications, condition of equipment, operational issues along with general housekeeping and furthermore offers recommendations and advice for any improvements or remedial works.

Teepee’s additional services

However, we at Teepee go further as we offer a wide range of services that you can trust, for example as well as the SEMA racking inspections we provide an on-site ‘racking safety awareness & inspection training course’ for your nominated person responsible for racking safety. The course is designed and delivered so that it provokes awareness and understanding of your storage structures which will keep your personnel safe and fully compliant with safety regulations. Once the course is successfully completed regular in-house pallet racking inspections can be carried out safely by your own staff, this does not replace the annual SEMA racking inspection but increases safety across the site and more importantly should an incident occur you have someone knowledgeable and trained on-site to react, potentially eliminating serious consequences and saving costs.

For your SEMA approved racking inspections or training, just give us a call on 01384 256969.

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