Cantilever Racking

Why Choose Cantilever Racking

Are you in need of better storage for your longer and heavier materials? Cantilever racking may be best the solution for you.

Cantilever racking is manufactured from heavy-duty beams, meaning they are able to withstand heavy loads easily when properly installed. For a busy warehouse that needs storage for larger and heavier items, this is a great solution.

Cantilever racking has been designed with ease in mind, meaning that the design allows you to store items with ease and ensure your stock levels are maximised safely.

Cantilever Racking

Racking Solutions for Your Business

Not only does cantilever racking have ease in mind, but it is a great solution for many different types of industries. It is ideal for storing:

  • Timber
  • Panels
  • Concrete
  • Aluminium sheets
  • Steel sections
  • Worktops and laminates
  • Tubes and heavy pipes

All these items are not only heavy, but they can be lengthy and in need of the right storage. Standing them up on their end is not safe in the workplace so, installing cantilever racking is a must for most of the businesses that contain weird bulky items.

Some advantages of cantilever racking not only include ease of storage and the ability to store long and heavy items, but it saves time and money, reduces the likelihood of injury from improper storage mistakes and can provide support for up to 5,000 kgs per arm!


Teepee Cantilever Racking Solutions

With all these advantages in mind, Teepee can help you and your business today!

Our team at Teepee can not only supply you with the best cantilever racking system, but they can install it safely and properly for you. Whether it is indoors or outdoors racking, it is a perfect solution for your long and heavy items.

For more information or to get your quote today, get in touch with us. Our team will be happy to help find the best solution for you.

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