Pallet Racking

Which pallet racking system is the best for you?

What is a pallet racking system?

A pallet racking system is the storage of palletised materials. They are built to work in multiple levels and horizontal rows, maximising the use of the available spaces. Designed for easy access and high levels of workplace organisation, they are built from 2 components, being them frames and beams.

Pallet racking is very helpful in terms of improving the efficiency of a warehouse and helping increase its space and storage – which are their most common uses. At Teepee, we offer a great range of pallet racking systems, so to help you decide which one is the best option for your case, we have pulled some information below.

Pallet Racking

What are the Pallet Racking System benefits?

Pallet racking systems can offer many benefits, but the most important are:

Space-saving – Utilises the available vertical space of the warehouse, maximising the storage capacity.

Adjustable at any point to best suit your needs – Extend or reconfigure at any time by adding new parts.

Easy to access and practical – Organise your goods, while keeping them and your staff safe from accidents.

Cost-effective – No need to rent a bigger place or build anything by utilising the available space in your warehouse. They also are very durable and easy to repair.

Pallet Live Racking

Which pallet racking system is the best for you?

There are a few factors to consider when thinking about adding a pallet racking system to your business. They include your floor capacity in the warehouse, and the floor ceiling height, for example.

Depending on the aspects of your warehouse, you can then consider your business’s requirements and budget. There are a few pallet racking systems you can choose from, these include:

Wide Aisle – Versatile and cost-effective, the wide aisles are built to store palletised loads in single or double runs that are separated by wide aisles, permitting trucks to operate within. They are built for quick access to stock and can be modified to adapt height at any time.

Multi-tier – Made for hand-load picking systems, the multi-tier systems can have single or multiple level walkaways between shelves. This kind of racking system is excellent for online retailers with small products with thousands of different SKUs.

Push Back – Specially designed for gravity roll track, the push back racking works in a FILE (first in, last out) system, being able to store up to 10 pallets deep. They are excellent for SKUs that need to be stored in large quantities without the need of moving other pallets.

Pallet Live – Opposite to Push back system, the Pallet live racking is a FIFO (first-in, first-out) system. In this case, the pallets are controlled by brake rollers to keep the travelling speed moderate.

Drive-in & Drive-through – Last-in, first-out (LIFO) and first-in, first-out (FIFO) systems respectively, the drive-in & drive-out systems are supported by rails and are accessible by trucks.

Double Deep – A standard pallet racking system but made to fit 2 pallets in a row using the FILO principle. This kind of racking system is ideal for multiple pallets storages and requires efficient stock control.

Very Narrow Aisle – VNA is a great solution to optimise available space as each aisle varies from 1.5 to 2.0 metres, maximizing the height of warehouses. They require trucks as well as guide rails. They are recommended for high stock and small floor areas (but with a high ceiling).

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