What is industrial shelving?

Industrial shelving is a way of maximising the potential storage space of your premises and increasing the efficiency of your business. The shelving usually consists of a steel frame manufactured to provide strength and withhold the items that are stored on it.

At Teepee, we design, supply and install 4 types of industrial shelving which consist of short-span, long-span, mobile and carton Live shelving. We provide all our shelving in a range of sizes and give a choice of tiers which include double and multi-tier.

How do I know what type of industrial shelving is right for my business?

At Teepee, we recognise shelving is definitely not a ‘one type suits all’ matter. For example, longspan shelving is designed to hold a lot more weight than shortspan. We will help and guide you when choosing your storage solution by taking factors such as the space available in your premises and the items you plan to store on the shelves, into consideration to in turn find a reliable solution for you.

What are the different types of industrial shelving?


Shortspan shelving is the common shelving choice in warehouse and wholesale environments as they are ideal for storing smaller items. This industrial shelving system is capable of holding up to 200 kg per shelf and at Teepee we offer shortspan shelves in 900mm-1300m widths and 300mm-600mm depths. Finally, shortspan shelving can incorporate accessories such as lockable doors and dividers which will further secure the items on your shelves.


Longspan shelving is designed to store more large, substantial goods. It is highly efficient in warehouse environments as walkways can be added and the shelves can also be mounted onto mobile bases in order to make stock easier to handle. Longspan industrial shelving is capable of holding distributed loads of stock up to 1000 kg.

At Teepee we can install many different types of decking surfaces on your longspan shelving, which include chipboard and timber.


Mobile shelving is an ideal way of maximising storage capacity whilst still keeping overall space used to a minimum. This type of shelving works by using its modular construction to give you a flexible way of storing your items, which is perfect in office, retail and archive stores.

At Teepee we provide 2 main mobile shelving systems; light and medium.

Light duty systems are ideal for small rooms and are capable of storing up to 250 kg per bay or 750 kg per base. Our light duty shelves are also fitted with push/pull handles to support the weight put on the shelves.

Medium duty systems are equipped with mechanical hand-driven wheels that will support a load of up to 500 kg per bay. The medium-duty systems are therefore designed to hold heavier loads and are ideal for industrial environments.

At Teepee we do offer heavier duty shelving systems on request.

Carton live

Carton shelving works on a first-in, first-out (FIFO) system and is ideal for companies with boxed goods. This type of industrial shelving provides fast and efficient handling of stock as well as reducing picking and order handling errors. At Teepee we can fit your carton live shelving with accessories such as lane guides to help separate products and a drop-down angle tilt shelf which will lead to trouble-free retrieval of goods.

What can we do?

At Teepee we can advise you on the best type of shelving to use for your business as well as take the stress away of constructing and installing the shelves as we can do all that for you. Contact us today to find the storage solution for you and your business.