What is pallet racking?

Pallet racking is a storage system for material held on pallets. The system is designed to allow easy access, usually by forklifts, to palletised materials that are held in horizontal rows, having several levels in the height. This is an ideal way of utilising space within your premises by using available clear headroom within the building, opposed to across the floor.

Pallet racking is one of the most popular storage systems in the market. Teepee offers the design, supply and installation of a wide range of pallet racking systems that are easy to manage and work effectively in all working environments.

Why choose pallet racking?

Pallet racking is recommended to businesses with large quantities of palletised goods. Pallet racking has the ability to save huge amounts of space by storing upwards, pallets can be easily accessed and significantly reduces product damage as opposed to block stacking.

Types of pallet racking:

Wide aisle

Wide aisle pallet racking consists of single or double runs of racking separated by a wide aisle which is usually 2500-4000mm. This type of racking allows counterbalance or reach trucks to operate within the aisle and also can incorporate accessories to suit your business. Some accessories include mesh or timber shelves for non-palatalised goods and skids for the storage of stillages.


We recommend multi-tier racking to businesses with large product portfolios and thousands of different SKU’s such as online retailers and clothing companies. Multi-tier racking is cost-effective compared to systems such as multi-tier mezzanine floors due to no added installation costs for walkways as they can be incorporated into the racking themselves.

Push back

Push back racking works on a first in last out (FILO) system where pallets are loaded onto a gravity roll track and then stored compactly in the full depth of the racking. When a front pallet is retrieved, the pallets behind it will move forward to the retrieval position and thus ready for the next collection.

Pallet live

Unlike push back racking, pallet live works on a first in first out (FIFO) system. It works by each pallet travelling down a specially designed lane which are controlled by brake rollers that keep the pallet travelling at a moderate, safe speed. When the pallet reaches the picking face a forklift truck retrieves the pallet, once removed the pallet behind will move into retrieval position.

Drive-in & drive-through

Drive-In racking again works on a FILO principle and is like block stacking. These racks are normally operated using a reach or counterbalance forklift and therefore decreased the need for specialised trucks.

Drive Through racking is similar in design to Drive-In but allows the racks to be accessible from each end. This not only creates a more efficient operation but FIFO principles can also be applied.

Double deep

Double deep racking is essentially two runs of standard pallet racking back-to-back allowing one pallet to be stored behind another. This system can be designed to enable 2 – 4 pallets to be stored per run, making efficient use of available floor space.  Double deep racking requires the use of a specialist forklift within aisles of 2500mm.

Very narrow aisle

VNA racking is the ideal way to optimise the floor space creating single pick faces. The aisles between narrow aisle racks are smaller compared to wide aisle racks and therefore are operated using specialised VNA trucks which can operate in spaces of 1500mm.

Some ways pallet racking can benefit your business:


When growing your business, it is important to have the appropriate space and organisation methods in place in order to work efficiently. Meeting supply with demand is one of the most crucial ways to encourage growth as well as profit maximisation. Pallet racking will aid you hereby not only organising stock to make it easily accessible but also providing an effortless way to delay depreciation of stock by protecting it from damage.

Matches your needs

Finding the ideal racking system for your business may be challenging, especially when you can’t seem to find the right size. With a pallet racking system, it allows you to easily adjust the racks to suit the space you have available and in turn save the costs of more racks when moving premises or changing the size of your business.

What can we do?

Due to the many types of pallet racking, it can be far from straightforward when trying to tackle the task of choosing the right one for your business yourself. This is why at Teepee we pride ourselves in always being there for our customers and guiding them to finding the perfect storage solution for their business. Choose from our many styles of pallet racking and find the appropriate storage system for your business. Contact us today to find the storage solution for you and your business.


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