Mezzanine Flooring

Teepee design, manufacture and Install all Mezzanine flooring in accordance with BS 5950/6399 regulations and SEMA guidelines to give you a cost-effective alternative to increasing your workspace across business and commercial properties.

What is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor is a freestanding structure constructed between the main floors of a business or in high-ceilinged spaces to act as an intermediate floor. It provides much needed extra space in businesses trying to organically grow without relocating. An advantage of a mezzanine floor to your business is its ability to be dismantled and relocated allowing flexibility in your work space.

What are the Benefits of Mezzanine Flooring?

  • Double your production and storage space
  • Utilizing previously redundant vertical space and release ground floor space
  • Modular designed and fully demountable – allowing a fast and efficient installation
  • Add Value to the property
  • Fraction of the cost than relocating
  • Individual designed to your business and premises needs
  • Easily removable

Teepee Installs Mezzanine Flooring

Teepee design, manufacture and install mezzanine across the West Midlands and the UK, specialising in the installation of:

Office Mezzanine: When dealing with customers directly it is important to have a professional space to hold meetings and conduct formal business duties that could potentially be the vital factors in important partnerships. An office mezzanine can provide you with the ideal space to complete paperwork and take phone calls as well as place for customers to sit when visiting the workplace.

Office mezzanine flooring is also the ideal way to add additional office space within your premises without the need to use a permanent block structure or relocate. Office mezzanines are a great way to utilise the height of your premises, by holding the office above the workspace allowing business to continue as usual without any need to move around an office block.

At Teepee we can supply and install any size office mezzanine floor and have a typical minimum floor loading of 3.5kN/m2 but this can be designed to accommodate heavier loads of required.

Storage Mezzanine: Storage mezzanine floors are structures made to withstand substantial loads of palatalised goods and shelving systems. They provide additional storage space using minimal floor space therefore allowing to store more in your premise without loosing much floor space.

At Teepee your mezzanine floor will be tailored to your businesses needs and individual operational requirements. Our storage mezzanines have a typical minimum floor loading of 4.8kN/m2 but this can increased to 10kN/m2 if needed for your loading requirements.

Production Mezzanine: When aiming to grow your business it is vital to match supply with the demand of consumers, however to do this your business has to have the capacity to do so. By investing in a production mezzanine floor, you can increase your businesses productivity and in turn grow your business.

Like storage floors, Teepee production mezzanines have a minimum floor loading of 4.8kN/m2 which can be increased to over 10kN/m2 if needed.

Mezzanine Floor Systems, Design & Installation

Teepee manages all projects from start to finish, whether it be a single or multi-tier system.  All our projects are individually designed and account for safety, access and obstructions of customer’s unique premise.

Before installation, our fully trained and qualified design team work with you to understand your requirements, conduct a site survey and offer expert industrial advice before producing the perfect design solution options.  These options are then made available for visual observation before selecting your preferred design choice.

Using intelligent design techniques Mezzanine flooring can be installed whilst your business remains operational saving you additional time and money.  When fully installed office mezzanine floors are designed to support 360kg per square metre for storage and production mezzanine this is 500kg per square metre.

Mezzanine Safety

With any structural developments safety is paramount.   Even though Mezzanine Flooring doesn’t require planning permission, it does require Building Regulations Approval (BS 5950/6399).  This ensures the flooring has the relevant fire protection, smoke detectors and fire escapes.  Here at Teepee we’ll happily assist you in requiring the correct certification, using our own consultants, allowing for a hassle free transaction.

For more information on Mezzanine Flooring and how it can benefit your business please don’t hesitate to contact us