What is cantilever racking?

Cantilever racking is commonly used to store used materials that are not normally palletised. The structure consists of ‘uprights’, ‘arms’, ‘braces’ and ‘bases’, which all come together to form a sturdy structure to hold items of virtually any length.

How is cantilever racking different from pallet racking?

The key difference between these two racking styles is their construction. Pallet racks incorporate vertical uprights which restrict the length of items that can be stored on them. This is compared to cantilever racks which use ‘arms’ to allow longer materials to be stored.

Drive In Cantilever Racking

Why choose cantilever racking?

Cantilever racking is the ideal storage option for company’s who stock larger, bulkier items. This racking style allows your items to be lay horizontally across the supporting arms which could save damage caused by stacking them vertically.

Do I need forklifts for cantilever racks?

The ideal forklifts to use in conjunction with cantilever racking systems are side loader or multi-directional forklifts. Due to the structure of the cantilever racks there is only a certain length the arms can be before they will become weak, therefore to maintain their strength and reliably hold your stock/materials the arms have to be a specific length. To create the best storage solution, it is ideal to have multiple cantilever racks however depending on the size of your premises this may mean narrower aisles in order to fully maximise space. This is why it has been found front driving forklifts are not suitable to use with cantilever racks as they require wider aisles. Therefore, we recommend side loader or multi-directional forklifts as they will work well in narrow aisles and allow you to fully maximise floor space in your premises.

The Benefits of Cantilever Racks for your business:

Cantilever Racking can Handle ‘Awkward’ Stock

Some stock can be ‘awkward’ to store, especially if its length is too long for the shelving space you have available. With cantilever racking there is no ‘traditional shelf’ so by positioning two racks side by side you can easily store lengthy stock without any extra costs or trouble.


Cantilever racks allow for easier storage and handling of items as well as allow for increased efficiency when finding and loading items. All these benefits will in turn lead to a decreased cash outflow which will lead to more capital retained in your business.

What can we do?

At Teepee we can advise you on the best way to lay out your cantilever racking as well as recommend how many you will need. Our expertise in storage solutions means we can aid you in choosing the right racks for your business as well as help your business grow. Contact us today to find the storage solution for you and your business.