What are racking safety barriers?

Racking safety barriers are steel structures formed around your racking in order to protect it from damage from forklifts and other machinery. The bars are attached to the sides, corners or even around your storage areas in order to take the impact of the collision if one was to occur.

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974

The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 requires businesses to ensure all employees are using safe systems and equipment when handling and transporting substances. The act also states that the correct information, training and supervision should be provided within day to day working.

Damage to racking from forklifts can easily cause the whole structure to collapse, therefore is it crucial to source reliable racking protection in order to carefully protect damage to racking.

Benefits of racking safety barriers

Takes the impact

By installing Racking Safety Barriers, the majority of the impact from a collision can be absorbed by the barrier. Collisions are highly likely when manoeuvring forklifts within spaces that are hard to judge, especially when reversing. Thus, having safety barriers creates a component between a collision and the racking itself causing less damage to the racking and therefore less potential risk of injury.

Cost effective

Damage to racking may call for a whole new structure to be purchased which will be costlier than purchasing the racking safety barriers themselves. This, therefore, saves capital that would have to spend on new racking if safety barriers were not installed.

What can we do?

At Teepee we comply with all current Health & Safety Legislation and SEMA recommendations. We can provide a variety of safety guarding and barrier systems such as:

  • Racking safety guarding.
  • Pedestrian barriers.
  • End of aisle racking barriers.
  • Upright protection guards.
  • Mezzanine floor stanchion guards.
  • Protection barriers for machines, offices and walls.

We offer a range of steel and impact resistant plastic barriers as well as a bespoke manufacturing service to meet your exact needs. Contact us today to find out more on racking protection barriers at Teepee.

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