Warehouse Trends in 2024

Warehouse Trends 2024 – How to Plan Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Trends 2024 – How to Plan Pallet Racking Systems

Is your warehouse ready for 2024? At this early stage of the year, it is the ideal time for businesses to review their warehouse and work on a plan that will boost productivity and increase efficiencies. Maybe you’ve run out of storage space? Do you need to review your warehouse racking systems or your picking and packing timescales are too slow? Do you need to upgrade your warehouse management, or do you want to analyse changes in customer behaviour? In this new era of increased e-commerce, the warehouse and logistics industry is rapidly changing. However, new warehouse trends and developments are arising that could provide the answers.

So where is the best place to start? With so much noise, it’s hard to pinpoint the changes that will provide the best Return On Investment. If you’re worried about the affordability of new technologies, not sure how easy they are to implement or concerned about disrupting warehouse life, this blog is just for you.

With over 30 years of experience working in the storage equipment and warehousing industry, we know a thing or two about how you can give your warehouse a push in the right direction. Our complete guide will give you some pointers. We look at ways to improve the agility of your supply chain, and how you can future-proof your warehouse for this new revolution in warehouse trends.

Warehouse Trends - add workable space with a mezzanine floor

Warehouse Trends – Optimising Your Space

Before looking at new warehouse trends and what to invest in, let’s start off your 2024 plan with something you already have – your warehouse space. With the cost-of-living crisis challenging our year ahead and warehouse space at a premium, how can we make changes without breaking the bank?

In recent years, warehouse owners have faced the problem of not having enough storage capacity. This could be due to rising costs or a lack of availability of suitable units. Moving doesn’t always have to be the answer. Instead, look at making the best use of your space and invest in a new warehouse racking system. You may not realise it, but your racking could be the key that unlocks a lot of the problems you may experience in your warehouse.

  • Lack of storage?
    Choose warehouse racking systems which increases the density and capacity of your space. For example, a multi-tier structure adds additional storage space and maximises the full height of your building. Or create additional floor space within the same unit with a warehouse mezzanine floor. If you haven’t got the height opt for a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) which decreases the aisle width and allows more racking within the same space.
  • A need for speed?
    Ensure your layout works for the throughput of your stock. Its journey from the moment it arrives in the warehouse until the moment it leaves should be seamless. To speed up the process, the design of your warehouse racking systems should enhance the flow of the stock, making it easy to locate and removing sticking points. You could even opt for a system such as push-back racking. This operates on a FILO (first in, last out) system which provides less need for manual stock rotation to increase picking and packing timescales.

Warehouse Trends - warehouse racking systems

Future Proofing: Keeping up with Warehouse Trends in 2024

Is your warehouse ready for the future? Can it maximise your business for years to come? Although your warehouse might have supported your business performance in the past, there is no guarantee it will do so in the future. This is especially true when you look at the rise of e-commerce and the demands it places for faster delivery times and multifunctional spaces.

Of course, installing the best warehouse racking systems for your space can help, but to stay competitive in 2024 it is also critical to understand what the new warehouse trends are and how they can improve your business. To help you out, here we share what we believe the future holds. Not that we are psychics or anything.

Warehouse trends - automation

Warehouse Trends – Automation:

Even though we have just stepped into 2024, the warehouse industry knows that the advancements in warehouse automation and AI will continue to be a hot topic. After all, integrate these technological advances and it can improve productivity, increase the flow of stock, deliver consistent results. However, for a lot of smaller logistics, cost has been a prohibitive factor. As the growth and uptake of automation continue, prices are expected to come down and, with the efficiencies it can deliver, should offer a high Return On Investment for businesses.

Of course, any new technology must be the right fit for your warehouse and work with your space. To be successful, the new solutions have to be harmonious with the traditional – your warehouse racking systems. Get advice from industry experts on how automation, robotics or AI will work for you and whether the design of your racking accommodates key elements. For example, does it provide clearance for the movement of automation or build on the improvements the new technology can deliver?

Warehouse Trends – Data is King!:

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are not new in the modern warehouse and most businesses have one in place to improve efficiencies. However, as technology advances, now might be the time to address whether your WMS still works for your business.

WMS are essential for providing real-time analytics and insights into the movement of your stock and managing your supply chain fulfilment. Combine the system with AI, especially with hybrid operations, and it can improve the process even further. This will increase the efficiency of your warehouse by avoiding the chance of stockouts and enabling quick response times. Get the right warehouse racking systems in place to support your WMS and it can transform your warehouse.

Warehouse trends - inspection

Warehouse Trends – Sustainability:

As transparency becomes a big factor, customers are expecting businesses to share their contributions to reducing carbon emissions. As the new generation becomes more conscious about environmental impacts and methods towards achieving net zero targets, sustainable efforts by businesses have become a major factor that has influenced buying behaviour/ purchasing decisions. Warehouse owners must prioritise the integration of sustainability at an early stage.

It can be challenging to implement sustainability in the logistics industry. Yet even small changes can be implemented that can make significant savings on carbon emissions. Whether it’s implementing energy-efficient lighting, HVAC or increasing the number of recyclable materials used in your packaging. Also, examine the credentials of your warehouse racking systems. Look at where it has been manufactured and the journey it makes to your warehouse. Alternatively increase the lifespan of your equipment by adopting a rigorous inspection regime

Warehouse trends - work environment

Warehouse Trends – Quality Work Environments:

With rising mental health issues over the past 10 years, the focus on well-being in the workplace has become an important factor. Fostering a positive work environment has proven to have a great impact on employee engagement and organisational performance.

You can support your team by introducing a positive work culture. Specify designated break areas that are comfortable and relaxing. Equip them with the knowledge to perform their job correctly. When it comes to your racking this has the added benefit of keeping them safe! Send them on a training course like our Rack Inspection Training course. Delivered by our expert instructors, the course provides them with the knowledge to work safely around warehouse racking systems. They will also learn how to recognise damage to the equipment. Training is a great way to bring peace of mind to any work environment.

How can Teepee help?

We hope this blog gives you a better understanding of how to give your warehouse a boost in 2024.

Need some help? Why not get in touch with Teepee and see how we can help to upgrade your business in 2024? As a SEMA Distributor Company and through our experience with a wide range of industries, we can provide a full turnkey solution that delivers everything you need to maximise your performance and increase safety:

  • Start with our free site visit to establish the best design solution for your space.
  • Project managing from start to finish. We oversee a smooth and seamless delivery with all works meeting required quality and safety standards.
  • Supplying a flexible storage solution to meet the unique needs of your business, including warehouse mezzanine floors.
  • Installing the highest quality standards with very little interruption to your business
  • Providing aftercare: maintenance, repair & inspection.

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