Storage Mezzanine Floor

Storage Mezzanine Flooring

Typically built within manufacturing, warehouses, and factory environments, storage mezzanine floors are a free-standing structure, built to withstand substantial loadings for the storage of machinery, palletized goods and racking and shelving systems.

Bespoke design, storage mezzanine flooring is built to suit your business application and can be tailored to individual operational requirements.  Storage mezzanines typically have a minimum floor loading of 4.8kN/m2, this can be increased to over 10kN/m2 depending on your load requirements.  Floors of this design are usually used to accommodate heavy-duty shelving and block stacking of palletised goods etc.

Teepee mezzanine floor construction can also offer a complete fit-out facility where we install one or all of the following services:

  • Fire rating of mezzanine (1/2 – 1 hour fire protection)
  • Fire protected staircase enclosures (1/2 – 1 hour fire protection)
  • General lighting including emergency and smoke detection systems
  • Access equipment such as conveyors and goods lift