At Teepee we are committed to promoting safety within the workplace to help reduce the risk of accidents.

Costs for preventing damage to your system are substantially less than costs to replace racking, cantilever racking, shelving and mezzanine floors or even worse legal or damage costs that may be claimed should your system fail.

Here at Teepee, we offer a range of accessories such as forklift end of aisle protection barriers, racking upright protectors, pedestrian barriers, timber and mesh decking, racking safety guarding and storage equipment load notice signs.

Call our qualified team to discuss your requirements in more detail and obtain a free no obligation quotation.

144 workers killed from a workplace accident 2017/2018

…solutions for every environment


Only a SEMA Approved Racking Inspection will give you a thorough and detailed inspection and also provide you with a SEMA completion certificate.


We can provide an annual inspection reminder, as well as working with you and your Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS).


We work with your business to decrease the possibility of damage and injury as well as reducing unnecessary maintenance and repair costs.


We can maintain your manufacturers warranties and undertake and any necessary repair work. We can also provide on-going technical support.