Our most popular and highly versatile pallet racking system, adjustable pallet racking is used for the storage of palletised goods within warehousing, manufacturing, distribution and external applications.

The definition of pallet racking, allows for the storage of palletised materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels which consists of two components, frames and beams.and is designed to store 2-3 pallets per level  Adjustable pallet racking provides instant access to all goods with the use of reach, counterbalance or VNA forklifts.

As the name suggests, adjustable pallet racking can be adjusted at any point and reconfigured to suit any change in operational requirements.  Should you require your pallet racking extending at a later date, this can be easily done by adding additional parts to create more locations.

The standard configuration is beams clipped into frames.  These beams can then be further supported by timber decking, mesh decking or support bars.

The colour of standard pallet racking is traditionally blue and orange, if you would like the racking manufactured to your corporate colours, or to any specific colour scheme, this is something that we can accommodate for you.

The advantages of adjustable pallet racking system

  • Adaptable – Expanded or demounted quickly and efficiently
  • 100% Accessibility
  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Assemble
  • Utilises the height in your warehouse

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