It is mandatory to allow for warehouse pallet racking inspections at least once a year due to current pallet racking regulations. At Teepee Warehouse Solutions, we use SEMA-approved pallet racking inspectors who carry out fully comprehensive inspections of all the storage solutions we provide.

Regular inspections help to minimise the number and severity of warehouse accidents. Our pallet racking inspections offer a comprehensive, convenient and cost-effective way to keep your warehouse safe and compliant with Health & Safety regulations.

Over the year, moving goods, modifying the configuration and general knocks through daily use can cause changes in the capacity of your racking. Thus, potentially lead to accidents and damage to your staff, products, or warehouse.

Trust the industry experts, Teepee Warehouse Solutions for your pallet racking inspections. Ensure your storage systems are safe and help to eliminate and reduce future costs.

Our SEMA-approved pallet racking inspectors carry out comprehensive annual inspections of warehouse pallet racking, shelving, cantilever racking and mezzanine flooring. Providing you with detailed reports offering professional advice and highlighting areas that require attention.

What Warehouse Pallet Racking Inspections Offers:

  • Help prevent damage to stored goods.
  • Repairs are cheaper as they are spotted quicker.
  • Extend the life of the racking.
  • Keep staff safe from accidents.

Warehouse pallet racking inspections work based on a colour-coded system with three different stages of urgency:

Green – The racking is only slightly damaged and completely safe to use.

Amber – Damage has occurred but it is not serious enough to need immediate off-loading.

Red – The most severe type of damage, the racking needs to be unloaded and must not be used until repairs are carried out.

Once the on-site assessment has taken place, the inspector will advise relevant managers of any areas which may require immediate off-loading. Our fully insured inspector’s advice is always impartial and unbiased.

Pallet Racking Inspections usually take between 2-4 hours depending on the size of the warehouse. A detailed electronic report is then provided to the client within 7-10 working days, detailing the severity and location of the damage.

Repairs can then be carried out by your preferred supplier. Any other safety measures can be implemented to ensure storage equipment is protected between pallet racking inspections.

Pallet Racking Inspections

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…solutions for every environment


Only a SEMA Approved Racking Inspection will give you a thorough and detailed inspection and also provide you with a SEMA completion certificate.


We can provide an annual inspection reminder, as well as working with you and your Person Responsible for Racking Safety (PRRS).


We work with your business to decrease the possibility of damage and injury as well as reducing unnecessary maintenance and repair costs.


We can maintain your manufacturers warranties and undertake and any necessary repair work. We can also provide on-going technical support.

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