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Office Partitions are a core service we supply here at Teepee Warehouse Solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of office partitions tailored to meet individual needs within a modern office environment. All of our office partitions are fully demountable and competitively priced, taking into consideration acoustic and fire resistance properties to meet building regulation requirements. Our extensive range of office partitions consist of:

Demountable Office Partitions

Demountable office partitions are the most cost-effective solutions, designed to suit all budgets from low cost to high end specifications.

Demountable partitions are constructed from an aluminium framework available in a choice of 3 – standard colours (anodised aluminium/grey/white) having a honeycomb plasterboard insert, which can be decorated using a vinyl wall covering or painted.

Standard modules are available in heights of up to 3000mm and widths of up to 1200mm but can be changed to suit the individual requirements.

A variety of configurations are available such as solid to full height, part glazed, full height glazed, with an option of being single or double glazed to provide necessary acoustic performances.

All our office partitions have a standard range of accessories i.e. doors, integral blinds, glass manifestation, and finishes to incorporate your company ethos.

Fire-rated & Acoustic Office Partitions

Depending upon the location and functionality of the office partitions within your building, partition walls may require acoustic or fire resistance properties to meet either individual or building regulation requirements.

Generally, these type of office partitions is used to provide 30/60-minute fire resistance to separate areas to either create a safe means of escape or compartmentalise buildings. Alternative use for installing these type of warehouse office partitions is to provide acoustic performance that may be required for individual offices or meeting rooms.

A variety of panel configurations and accessories are available all as described within our demountable partitions section.

Frameless Glass Office Partitions

Frameless glass office partitions create a modern feel to any office, and due to their acoustic performance, they are ideal for individual meeting rooms or offices within a large open plan area where privacy is essential.

All glass office partitions are constructed from a 25mm x 25mm ‘U’ shaped aluminium head and floor track, allowing glass panels to be inserted up to 3,150mm high (3,500mm maximum) using 10mm thick clear toughened or 12.8mm clear acoustic glass providing the acoustic performance of between 35 – 39 dB for all single glazed partitions and 42 – 49 dB for all double glazed partitions. Further options include curved glass panels, electrically switchable privacy glass and fire-rated glass.

Once installed all glass panels are fitted with a twin band of either hit and miss dots or squares to comply with Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) regulations, alternatively, a digital print design service is available to incorporate your company logo or any other design you may require.

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