Narrow aisle pallet racking maximizes floor space and increases pallet storage in comparison with wide aisle pallet racking, thus creating a more efficient storage solution.

Due to the narrower aisles specialised trucks such as Articulated or VNA trucks are used, operating within aisles of 1500mm and capable of lifting loads of up to 18000mm high. All VNA trucks require a guided system in the form of a steel rail or a wire being embedded into the floor, however Articulated trucks requiring no guidance system.

Popular within large warehouses ‘Pick and Deposit’ stations (P&D’s) can be installed onto the extreme ends of the narrow aisle racking, allowing general purpose handling equipment such as counterbalance or reach trucks to retrieve / store pallets.

The benefits of choosing a narrow aisle pallet racking solution is that aisle widths can be reduced by up to 50%, all pallets are accessible and faster picking rates are achieved.

Due to pallet racking regulations it is mandatory to allow for pallet racking inspections at least once a year. At Teepee we use SEMA approved pallet racking inspectors to who carry out fully comprehensive inspections of all the storage solutions we provide.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking Key Features

  • 45% space utilisation
  • 1.6m aisle width
  • Access to all pallets
  • High throughput speed
  • Used with specialised forklifts 

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