What is Very Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking?

VNA racking stands for very narrow aisle pallet racking and is usually used in warehouses to optimise the space available. These systems have an aisle width ranging from 1.5 – 2.0 metres depending upon the depth of pallet of the pallet being stored. This means that on average these systems free up to around 45% of the floor space. As well, these systems optimise the height in warehouses and therefore makes the most out of the space available as the un-used vertical area will become a viable storage area. Furthermore, this will allow the number of goods stored on the pallets to grow and your stock to increase if necessary, without the need to relocate to a bigger warehouse.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

Specialist trucks to efficiently use system

To efficiently use these systems, specialist trucks must be used such as articulated or VNA trucks. Very narrow aisle trucks do not turn and therefore move in a vertical motion. There needs to be a guide rail or wire guidance system fitted to the system for the truck to function. However, articulated trucks require no guidance system. These trucks need to be used as the aisle widths are too narrow for a standard truck to operate.

As well as specialist trucks, there are other requirements needed for a very narrow aisle pallet racking system to be installed. One of which includes a flat, preferably concrete floor. This ensures the safety of the racking and employees, as with an uneven surface the racks could be knocked by the trucks and therefore cause a health and safety hazard.

Main applications of VNA racking

VNA racking is especially recommended for companies whose warehouses have any of the below characteristics:

  • Warehouses that need direct and immediate access to each unit load/ pallet but at the same time, need to optimise the available space.
  • Warehouses that require a high stock.
  • Warehouses that do not have a large floor area, but a possibility of installing a very high system.

This pallet racking system is used by many different types of industries for those who have minimal storage capacity in their warehouses but need to increase this within the space they have available.

Advantages of very narrow aisle pallet racking:

  • 45% space utilisation.
  • 5m aisle width.
  • Access to all pallets.
  • High throughput speed.
  • Used with specialised forklifts.


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