What is multi-tier racking?

A multi-tier racking system consists of either single or multiple level walkways fitted between shelves to create a high-density hand loaded picking system, minimising imposed loads onto the concrete floor and ideal for manual storage where space availability is limited.

This particular pallet racking system provides an excellent solution for the maximisation of floor space as it creates different access levels which can all be accessed by the means of a staircase.

Longspan Shelving

Main applications for multi-tier racking

Multi-tier racking systems are ideally suited for online retailers, clothing and archiving industries, offering high-density storage of thousands of different SKU’s and yet again, is a perfect solution for businesses that want to improve their picking and packing processes.

Key features of multi-tier racking

Some of the key features to take note of for multi-tier racking include:

  • High-density storage system.
  • High-speed picking.
  • Store 1000’s of small products.
  • Requires building control approval.

The benefits

There are many benefits to installing multi-tier racking into your warehouse, some of which include:

  • Optimises the available height of warehouses.
  • Very accessible and can be adapted if required.
  • Allows the option to add other warehouse solutions.
  • Removes any needs to install a mezzanine floor.


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