Multi-tier Racking systems are ideally suited for online retailers, clothing and archiving industries, offering high density storage of thousands of different SKU’s. Furthermore with the implementation of a barcode labeling system, multi-tiers offer high speed picking.

Multi-tier racking systems are regularly favored over a multi-tier mezzanine as walkways can be incorporated within the racking system, opposed to a multi–tier mezzanine floors which requires the installation of further shelving onto each level, thus reducing initial expenditure.

Another advantage of installing a multi-tier racking system is to minimise point loads onto the concrete slab, opposed to a multi-tier mezzanine which often requires the need for expensive floor reinforcement (piling).

Due to pallet racking regulations it is mandatory to allow for pallet racking inspections at least once a year. At Teepee we use SEMA approved pallet racking inspectors to who carry out fully comprehensive inspections of all the storage solutions we provide.

Multi Tier Racking










Multi-Tier Racking Key Features

  • High density storage system
  • High speed picking
  • Store 1000’s of small products
  • Requires building control approva

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