What is double deep pallet racking?

Double deep pallet racking is essentially standard pallet racking but, the difference being that double deep racking allows you to store two pallets in the depth, rather than just one. It consists of one row of standard pallet racking behind another, meaning that half the stored pallets are immediately accessible using a first in last out (FILO) principles.

It can operate within an aisle of 2500mm and is ideally suited for the storage of multiple pallets. This vastly increases the storage density within the warehouse as more pallets are being stored. Access to the rear pallets can be limited, but as long as an efficient stock control system is used then this problem can be overcome.

Double Deep Pallet Racking

Specialist equipment

Double deep racking solutions require a specialised truck having telescopic forks, which enables the operator to place the back pallet onto the system first, and then place another pallet in front.

Advantages of double deep racking

There are many advantages of double deep racking, some of which include:

  • Maximum space utilisation.
  • Ideal for bulk storage.
  • Reduced number of aisles.
  • Not as expensive as other systems available.

Main applications

There are many uses for double-deep racking. For example:

  • Warehouses with products that have a long shelf-life/ non-perishable stock.
  • Warehouses that cater for more than one pallet per storage unit.


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