Double deep pallet racking utilizes one row of standard pallet racking behind another, enabling  2 or 4 pallets deep to be stored using aisles.

Double deep racking solutions require a specialised truck having telescopic forks, which enables the operator to place the back pallet onto the system first, and then place another pallet in front.

Double deep pallet racking can operate within aisle of 2500mm, and is ideally suited for the storage of multiple pallets.

Due to pallet racking regulations it is mandatory to allow for pallet racking inspections at least once a year. At Teepee we use SEMA approved pallet racking inspectors to who carry out fully comprehensive inspections of all the storage solutions we provide.

Double Deep Racking Key Features

  • Maximum space utilisation
  • First in – Last out storage (FILO)
  • Ideal for bulk storage
  • Reduced number of aisles
  • Requires specialised forklifts 

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