Carton Live Shelving

Carton Live Industrial Shelving

Carton live storage provides a fast and efficient picking system for handpicked goods being stored with adjustable pallet racking or longspan shelving systems.

Working on First–in, first–out (FIFO) principles, boxed goods or SKU’s are placed onto specially designed roller tracks angled at a slight gradient, enabling goods to be loaded in one side then retrieved the opposite end.

Carton Live Storage makes efficient use of space, reduces order picking times, minimises picking errors, increases throughput and is ideal for stock control of date sensitive items.

Carton live storage systems can be fitted with optional lane guides to provide separation of products, and drop down angle tilt shelf to enable picked goods to be retrieved easily.

At Teepee we recommend protecting your shelving with shelving and racking protection systems. These systems will protect your shelving from bumps with machinery that could cause in-repairable damage. It is also important to abide by U.K. racking and shelving legislation and ensure safety inspections on raking are conducted annually.

Carton Live Storage Key Features

  • Over 65% picking performance 
  • First in first out principle (FIFO)
  • Stores high volumes of stock 
  • Easy retrieval of goods
  • Supports Just In Time material provision  

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