Mobile Shelving Solutions

Mobile shelving also known as roller racking provides a cost effective solution to maximize storage capacity and free up space within various working environments such as offices, archive stores and retail environments

Mobile shelving systems are modularly constructed so they can be installed onto any level within a building. This simple and fast to install solution can increase your current storage facility by up to 70%.

There are two main systems we offer light / medium duty, however heavier bays are available on request,

Light Duty – Fitted with push / pull handles designed to support a maximum bay loading of up to 250Kgs per bay or 750Kgs per base, ideal for small rooms.

Medium Duty – Fitted with mechanical hand driven wheels designed to support a maximum bay load of up to 500Kgs, ideal for heavier applications within the archive, office or industrial environments.

All mobile shelving systems can be customized to fit an array of accessories such as shelf dividers, pull out filing cradles, decorative end panels, electronic push button controls and trackless systems.

To help you find the best mobile shelving solution our design teams our on hand to discuss your requirements, and if necessary carry out a free on site consultation and design.

At Teepee we recommend protecting your shelving with shelving and racking protection systems. These systems will protect your shelving from bumps with machinery that could cause in-repairable damage. It is also important to abide by U.K. racking and shelving legislation and ensure safety inspections on raking are conducted annually.

Mobile Shelving Key Features 

  • Loadings 250kg-1000kg
  • Increase capacity by 100%
  • lighty, medium or heavy duty
  • Ideal for document storage 

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