Optimise Your Warehouse Space and Operations with Efficiency

Teepee Warehouse Solutions, your trusted partner in maximising warehouse potential, offers a comprehensive range of warehouse services designed to streamline your operations and boost productivity. Whether you’re managing a bustling distribution centre or a dedicated storage facility, we provide the solutions and expertise to optimise your space and ensure safety compliance.

Our core warehouse services can cover all your needs. They include:

Push back pallet racking warehouse service

Pallet Racking:

Pallet racking systems are indispensable for efficient warehouse management. Designed to maximise vertical space, pallet racking organises goods on sturdy shelves, facilitating easy access and inventory management. Our warehouse services offer tailored solutions in pallet racking, ensuring optimal utilisation of space and streamlined operations.

Their main benefits include:

  • Versatile storage solutions for palletised goods, maximising space utilisation with various configurations and load capacities.
  • Expert design and installation tailored to your specific needs, ensuring optimal efficiency and compliance with safety regulations.
  • Wide range of racking options: Choose from selective, drive-in, push-back, and more, perfectly suited to your inventory and workflow.

Our warehouse pallet racking solutions include:

  • Wide aisle pallet racking systems: Engineered for swift stock access and inventory management, facilitating seamless operations with the aid of trucks.
  • Multi-tier racking systems: Excel in accommodating small products and numerous SKUs, prioritising hand-load picking efficiency.
  • Push back racking systems: Featuring gravity roll tracks with FILE systems, offer an ideal solution for managing large quantities of items.
  • Pallet live racking systems: Seamlessly integrate with FIFO systems, employing brake rollers to maintain pallet control.
  • Drive-in racking systems: Cater to both LIFO and FIFO methods, ensuring truck-accessible inventory management.
  • Double deep racking systems: Resembling standard pallet racking, optimising space by accommodating two pallets in a row, adhering to the FILO principle.
  • Very narrow aisle pallet racking systems: Maximise vertical storage capacity in limited floor spaces, requiring specialised trucks and guide rails for operation.

Cantilever Racking:

Ideal for storing long, bulky items such as lumber or piping, cantilever racking provides a versatile solution in warehouse organisation. With our comprehensive warehouse services, we specialise in designing and installing cantilever racking systems tailored to your specific needs, enhancing accessibility and safety while optimising storage space.

Cantilever racking is great for:

  • Ideal for storing long, bulky items like pipes, lumber, or machinery, providing easy access and maximising vertical space.
  • Customisable configurations to accommodate various shapes and sizes, ensuring efficient item handling and organisation.
  • Durable and robust construction withstands demanding loads while maintaining structural integrity.
Cantilever Racking warehouse service
mezzanine floor warehouse service

Mezzanine Floors:

Mezzanine floors offer a practical solution to expand usable space within a warehouse without the need for costly structural alterations or to move premises. Our warehouse services include expert consultation, design, and installation of mezzanine floors, providing additional storage, office, or workspace areas to meet your evolving business requirements.

Mezzanine floors can also offer:

  • Flexible design options to integrate seamlessly with your existing layout and workflow.
  • Compliant with building regulations for safe and reliable operation, providing peace of mind and adherence to UK standards.
  • Increased usable space by creating additional storage levels without costly building expansions.

Office Partitions:

Office partitions play a crucial role in optimising workspace functionality within a warehouse environment. Our warehouse services encompass the installation of customisable office partitions, and creating designated work areas that enhance productivity and organisation while maintaining a cohesive workflow.

An office partition can:

  • Create dedicated workspaces within your warehouse for administrative tasks, inventory management, or break rooms.
  • Modular and adaptable designs for easy reconfiguration and expansion as your needs evolve.
  • Soundproof options to minimise noise distractions and enhance employee productivity.
Office partitions warehouse service
racking safety barriers warehouse service

Racking Safety Barriers:

Ensuring the safety of both personnel and inventory is paramount in warehouse operations. Our warehouse services include the installation of robust racking safety barriers, designed to prevent accidents and protect valuable assets. Trust our expertise to implement effective safety solutions tailored to your warehouse environment.

Between its benefits, racking safety barriers offers:

  • Protected your personnel and inventory from forklift accidents and damage with strategically placed barriers.
  • High-impact resistant materials withstand collisions, safeguarding your valuable assets and maintaining warehouse safety.
  • Visually clear and well-marked for increased awareness and accident prevention.

Steel Partitions

Steel partitions offer durability and flexibility in creating segregated areas within a warehouse for enhanced organisation and security. As part of our comprehensive warehouse services, we provide expert consultation and installation of steel partitions, optimising space utilisation and operational efficiency while meeting your specific requirements.

Steel Partitions Can Also:

  • Divide your warehouse into designated areas for specific operations, improving organisation and workflow efficiency.
  • Offer fire-resistant options ensure compliance with regulations and provide added protection for your building and inventory.
  • Be durable and low-maintenance construction offers long-lasting performance and ease of upkeep.
Steel partitions warehouse service
Warehouse industrial Shelving

Shelving Systems

Our industrial-grade shelving utilises vertical space, multiplying your storage capacity. You can choose from a variety of sizes, weight capacities, and configurations, be it single, double, or multi-tier. We also custom-design solutions to fit your application and budget.

Their benefits include:

  • Organisation & Protection: Shelving keeps items organised and readily accessible, while the durable, paint-coated steel construction protects against rust and scratches.
  • Space-Saving: Shelving maximises storage by utilising vertical space, saving valuable floor area. Easy adjustability allows you to adapt the system to your specific needs and grow with your business.
  • Cost-Effective: Shelving is a highly cost-effective way to optimise storage space and improve warehouse efficiency, helping you save money in the long run.

Suspended Ceilings

Teepee offers a comprehensive selection of suspended ceilings to suit any environment, be it a sleek office settings or a rugged workshop. Our ceilings meets both aesthetics and practicality, keeping your space clean, organised, and tailored to your specific needs.

Between its benefits, suspended ceilings can:

  • Style: Conceal unsightly pipes and wires for a polished and professional look that elevates your entire space.
  • Functionality: Choose from a variety of grid sizes and tile options to address your specific requirements. Whether it’s superior acoustics or a fire-resistant material, we can help.
  • Budget-Friendly Versatility: Get the most value for your money with our suspended ceilings. They offer a cost-effective way to enhance both the form and function of your commercial environment.
Warehouse industrial Shelving
Warehouse inspections

Warehouse Inspections:

As part of our great range of warehousing services, Teepee also offers Storage equipment inspection, with our SEMA-approved inspectors. Whether your business is a local retailer or a big distributor worldwide, you have the legal obligation to carry out an annual inspection of your equipment

Why Choose Teepee Warehouse Solutions?

Teepee has over 30 years of experience with warehouse services and solutions while providing excellent service throughout the UK. We work with SMEs and national blue-chip companies, with a variety of contracts and requirements, offering the same standards of service, whilst helping businesses to fulfil their needs.

Teepee has an experienced and qualified team, who can offer tailored services to meet your specific needs, helping you and your business create the best environments for both staff and stock items. Contact Teepee Warehouse Solutions today for a free consultation and discover how we can transform your warehouse into a space that drives efficiency, safety, and profitability.

SEMA Trained

At Teepee all our approved inspectors are fully insured and trained in accordance with SEMA standards, enabling annual expert inspections to be carried out every 12 months to meet HSE requirements.


Accompanied with all detailed reports will be a 12- month completion certificate, furthermore Teepee will contact you 3 – months prior to your next inspection with a no obligation reminder quotation.


Teepee will provide free support to your PRRS representative for 12 – months. We also offer further discounts on additional site inspections throughout the year (if required), plus multi – site inspections.


As an approved SEMA accredited supplier, we can provide a no obligation quotation to undertake any repair work and maintain manufacturers warranties. Our fully insured repair service only uses genuine components and qualified SEIRS installers.

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