What is a Warehouse Racking System?

Pallet racking systems are an efficient and eye cost-effective storage solution for palletised materials, and they are suitable for various sizes, materials, and weights. A warehouse racking system consists of frames and beams, and the exact configuration of these will determine the type of racking system.

Each system is designed for different operations and materials, so if you need a pallet racking system installed in your warehouse, the layout and type will depend on your business’s unique requirements. It may also vary according to how your storage will be handled, the size of your warehouse, storage volume, and more.

A storage and racking system may deliver a range of benefits to industrial and warehouse premises, as well as help your business meet Health and Safety requirements in the workplace. Therefore, a qualified racking supplier and installer is essential to help your business.

warehouse racking system

Advantages of Warehouse Pallet Racking Systems

As well as the obvious organisation of warehouse premises, pallet racking systems can bring a range of benefits to whoever carries big volume stocks. These may include:

Maximise productivity

By maximising storage capacity and improving the management of inventory, you will have an increase in productivity in your warehouse by optimising loading and unloading times, simplifying inventory control, flexibility of transportation, and more.

Meet health and safety regulations

As mentioned above, there may be a few regulations that your warehouse or industrial facility may meet to store big stocks and manage them. These include PUWER and Construction management regulations, for example. Therefore, racking systems when done with approved SEMA suppliers will help you to meet these requirements, as well as help your staff to keep safe while working within your premises.

Warehouse Racking Systems Vs Shelving Systems

Whether you will need a racking system or a shelving system, will depend on your business needs and warehouse space. A pallet racking solution is usually used to store heavy-duty items – but not only – and depending on the size of the premises, increased depths of shelves may also be used and, therefore, forklift trucks will be needed.

A shelving storage solution, on the other hand, is great for storing smaller items that can be handled manually. Shelves are smaller yet a very cost-effective solution for many businesses.

Pallet Racking Design Variety

The design and type of your warehouse racking system will depend on a few factors, including your business needs and your warehouse size. Planning your storage system may look like a simple task, but finding the right supplier may be the most important item to tick off your list.

Pallet racking systems may include:

Wide Aisle racking

Wide Aisle pallet racking:

Great for warehouses with big spaces, the wide aisle pallet racking system is a flexible type of racking that can be great for various product sizes and weights that need quick access and may require the use of forklifts.


VNA (Very narrow aisle pallet racking):

Different from the wide aisle pallet racking system, the VNA is made for warehouses with limited floor space, but with a high volume of stock. The aisles can range from 1.5m to 2m in width and require specific forklift trucks to access the inventory.

Drive in racking

Drive-in racking system:

Made for FIFO and LIFO systems, the drive-in, drive-through racking system is great for the stock of a large number of pallets with a large number of SKUs. They work well for limited stock rotation, seasonal products, and cold storage environments.

Double deep pallet racking

Double Deep Pallet Racking System:

Opposite to the drive-in racking system, the double deep racking system is great for the stock of non-perishable items. It is the standard pallet racking system and can handle more than one pallet per storage unit. It may also require specific forklift trucks to access inventory.

Push back pallet racking

Push Back/Live racking Pallet Racking:

his type of racking system is made for gravity roll track with a FILO and/or FIFO systems. They offer quick access to pallets and are great for high-density storage.

Teepee Warehouse Solutions is a qualified warehouse pallet racking supplier, and our team of experts can build a tailored solution for your business needs. We offer a range of cost-effective solutions, making sure we will meet your requirements from initial consultation to final product and inspections.

We aim to install your racking system with minimal disruption and comply with all statutory requirements. Contact us if you have any questions by calling us at 01384 256969, or fill our contact form for more.

SEMA Trained

At Teepee all our approved inspectors are fully insured and trained in accordance with SEMA standards, enabling annual expert inspections to be carried out every 12 months to meet HSE requirements.


Accompanied with all detailed reports will be a 12- month completion certificate, furthermore Teepee will contact you 3 – months prior to your next inspection with a no obligation reminder quotation.


Teepee will provide free support to your PRRS representative for 12 – months. We also offer further discounts on additional site inspections throughout the year (if required), plus multi – site inspections.


As an approved SEMA accredited supplier, we can provide a no obligation quotation to undertake any repair work and maintain manufacturers warranties. Our fully insured repair service only uses genuine components and qualified SEIRS installers.

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