Types Of Industrial Shelving Systems

Industrial Shelving

Before knowing more about the different types of Industrial shelving systems, let’s start with what is industrial shelving and what are their main purposes.

Warehouse and Industrial Shelving are used to maximise space in warehouses and industrial buildings. They utilise vertical space to increase stage capacity and they can be installed with minimal disruption, while also being easy to modify and adjust accordingly to the environment requirements.

Shelving units are available in a range of sizes and materials, and each industry and warehouse will require a specific solution, but all types of industrial shelving systems are made to be easily accessible and highly durable.

Together with an easy installation, these systems are also a money-saving solution as they help increase storage capacity and organisational system with no need of moving premises and/or renting a bigger place.

Industrial shelving systems

Types of Industrial Shelving

If you believe that the industrial shelving system is the correct solution for your company, then you may now know what their different types are so you can make sure that the correct system will be installed on your premises. These include:

Shortspan Shelving

Ideal to store smaller items, the shortspan shelving system can be used with a range of accessories such as lockable doors, closed backs and/or sides, dividers, and bi fronts. They can handle up to 200 kg per shelf and are available for single, double, multi-tier and mobile configurations.

Longspan Shelving

On the other side, the longspan shelving system is ideal for the storage of large and long items within archiving, manufacturing, and wholesales environments, for example. These can support up to 1000kgs per shelf, and they are available with a range of decking surfaces such as chipboard, timber, and steel.

Mobile Shelving

Ideal for working environments such as offices and archive stores, the mobile shelving system is great for storing documents such as medical records and library storage. They can be made for light, medium, and heavy-duty storage, being able to handle from 250kg to 1000kg.

Mobile shelving can also be installed within an array of accessories. These include digital push-button controls, filling cradles, shelf dividers and more.

Carton Live Shelving

Designed to work with roller tracks, the carton live shelving is ideal for picking systems. They work with a FIFO principle, being great to optimise space while reducing order picking times and minimising picking errors by up to 65%.

Carton Lives helving can be used with adjustable pallet racking systems or longspan shelving systems, and they can also be fitted with some accessories such as drop-down angle tilt shelf or lave guides.

Longspan shelving

Warehouse Solutions

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All of our team members are highly trained with SEMA standards, and the quality of our service ad products is excellent. For more information on industrial shelving systems or any of our services, get in touch, or if already know what you are looking for, get a quote.

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