When searching for us you might find you come cross endless amounts of tipi tents rather than ourselves teepee. This is confusing for our customers and may even cause annoyance when searching for your local storage and partitioning solutions.

Firstly, what is a tipi? A tipi is a coned shaped tent which has been historically used by indigenous people in North America. Tipi’s are now used for weddings and by children as well as tipi hiring. The confusion with the tipi tent and our solution services may arise as tipi tents are also spelt as Teepee at times which thus causes our services to cross with the tents. However, our services are a little different to Tipi tents.

At Teepee we offer many forms of storage and partitioning solutions including industrial shelving and office partitioning. Our vast range of services means we can provide solutions to any company, small or large. We pride ourselves in our commitment to provide the very best solutions and customer experience in the West Midlands and across the U.K. Our mission of promoting both creativity and practicality in our storage solutions shine through in our work and in turn allow us to create and provide solutions that truly meet our customer’s needs.

To best explain our services, we have provided a brief description of each service below to help you find your ideal storage or partitioning solution.

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is designed to be a highly versatile way of storing palletised materials horizontally in multiple levels. It is our most popular racking system and is designed to allow easy access to all goods using reach, counterbalance or a forklift.

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking is ideal for storing long goods such as steel tubes and timber. This storage solution is the perfect way to optimise floor space and organise stock. The structure itself consists of uprights and bases which are all made from fully adjustable heavy-duty beams.

Industrial Shelving

Shelving systems not only maximise your floor space but also allow you to use the high of your premises to your advantage. Our range of shelving solutions include single, double and multi-tier shelving which can all be tailored to your business application and can be fitted by ourselves to ensure an overall reliable storage method.

Mezzanine Flooring

Mezzanine flooring is the ideal way to create more space for your business without the troubles of relocating. As every business is different we design your mezzanine flooring to suit your business specifically and in turn you can choose from qualities such as shape, size and number of tiers. Finally, all our mezzanine floors are manufactured and installed in accordance with BS 5950/6399 regulations and SEMA guidelines.


Partitioning creates flexibility in your workplace allowing you to utilize your premises for more than one business use. At Teepee we offer both office and workshop partitioning which allow your space to be divided into separate areas to create an organised and harmonious working environment.

Racking Safety Barriers

To comply with current Health and Safety Legislation and SEMA Regulations it is essential to install the correct protection around offices, machines and storage equipment. Alongside our storage solutions here at Teepee we offer a wide range barrier systems and safety guarding such as end of isle barriers. It is important to enquire about safety equipment needed for your storage choice to ensure safety in your workplace.