Steel Partitions Solutions

If you want to redesign your workspace or divide the current working environment the introduction of steel partitions could be the ideal solution for you. Steel partitions offer a new and alternative way of creating space for departments or work processes within you existing building. When compared to your typical board, stud or block partitions steel partitions display a cost effective and efficient solution to create organised private work areas or even offices within the factory or warehouse.

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Steel partitions provide a bespoke solution for the organisation of your workspace. Due to the fact the steel partitions can be built to the specific requirements of the customer, it allows the partition to be apply its services throughout many industries and workplace environments such as factories, warehouses, clean rooms, offices and laboratories to name a few. Steel partitions arrive ready made and come in a range of different colours for quick and easy installation with very minimal down time. A steel partition is bolted together eradicating the presence of dust and plasterboard debris that are commonly related to other partitions allowing for a mess free installation. With a variety of different steel partitions options available Teepee can provide effective design of your workspace to suit any budget and specific requirements. View Teepee’s partition range and contact our expert team for professional advice on the best industrial partitioning system to perfectly suit your working environment.

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Benefits of Using Steel Partitions:

  • Customisable with a range of additional features to personalise your partition for your workspace, including hatches, louvres, locks and vents.
  • Steel partitions are very strong, reliable and resilient structures
  • Built off site to remove the presence of dust and mess
  • Can divide large, open plan areas within a building more than 10 metres tall
  • Unlike other materials that can be used for partitions, steel partitions have no degradation and they require minimal maintenance and repair

With over 30 years’ experience working with all manor of business’s Teepee understand what is required to ensure productive and effective steel partitions built for you and to your requirements. Using our knowledge gained through our many years of experience we will offer impartial advice on your project to find the ideal steel partition for you and your workspace.