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Staying safe on your mezzanine floor

Without doubt, mezzanine floors can be one of the most useful ways to increase useable floor space within your company. In terms of cost and speed, they can be an excellent alternative to relocation and here at Teepee, we regularly include them in our client proposals.

However, as most mezzanines are usually exposed and elevated, it’s important to maintain strict safety working practices when incorporating them into your business.

Here are our top five tips to staying safe on your mezzanine floor:

  • Keep your mezzanine area tidy and well-lit to minimise the risk of trips and falls.
  • Ensure suitable twin railed handrailing (1100mm high) is fitted to all exposed edges of the mezzanine being suitably designed to within stand imposed loads from personnel working on top of the mezzanine.
  • Install protective kicker boards (minimum of 100mm high) to all exposed edges to prevent small loose items falling onto operatives working below.
  • Ask Teepee for advice on fitting specialist mezzanine safety gates to significantly reduce the risk of injury and costly fines.
  • A safety load notice is displayed and your team know and observe the safe weight-bearing capacity of your mezzanine floor so that it is never put under excess stress.

As with all aspects of your business, rigorous and regular safety inspections should be at the heart of your operation. Our advice is to make sure that your mezzanine area forms part of your weekly safety check and that concerns are identified and rectified swiftly.

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