Industrial shelving units will help to maximise the storage potential in your warehouse, utilising the height and increasing the overall storage capacity. Our industrial shelving units are available in a range of different sizes, loadings and as a single, double or multi-tier system. Warehouse shelving structures are individually designed to suit your business application.

At Teepee, we design and install longspan, shortspan, archive and mobile style shelving systems that are tailored to your business requirements and therefore no installation is too big or small. This low cost storage solution ensures that your workplace will remain organised and operate efficiently whilst providing access to previously redundant valuable storage space.

Advantages of industrial shelving:

  • Designed with a layer of paint coating to protect it against rust and other scratches
  • Easy access and flexibility
  • Money saving storage solution
  • Saves floor space whilst offering more storage

Shelving safety inspections:

We recommend protecting your shelving with shelving and racking protection systems. These systems will protect your shelving from bumps and dents caused by machinery that could cause in-repairable damage. It is also important to abide by UK racking and shelving legislation and ensure safety inspections on racking are conducted annually.

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