Mezzanine floors are a cost effective alternative to increasing your work space; with space utilization being a common concern among businesses, mezzanine floors provide the additional much needed space, without the high costs and time used to relocate to a new premises.  Individually designed to suit your workplace requirements, mezzanines can be installed of any shape or size, from a single level floor to a multi-tier project, mezzanine floors are the ideal solution for production, storage and office facilities.

Your new mezzanine will be designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with BS 5950/6399 regulations and SEMA guideline.  Installing a mezzanine system can offer the following benefits:

  • A mezzanine will increase your current floor space by a minimum of 100%
  • You will be utilizing previously redundant vertical space and release ground floor space
  • Mezzanines are modular designed and fully demountable- allowing a fast and efficient installation and if required, relocation.

All mezzanine floors require Building Regulations Approval.  Teepee are able to assist you with this matter by liaising with Independently Approved Inspectors or your own consultants, providing a hassle free transaction.

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