Benefits of installing a mezzanine floor

  • Significantly cheaper than renting additional space with no relocation costs.
  • Utilises redundant vertical space to release ground floor area.
  • By installing correctly designed shelving systems above and below, a warehouse mezzanine floor can significant increase stock volume.
  • Modular design and fully demountable – allowing fast and efficient installation, which can be easily extended or relocated to new premises.
  • Tailored designs to meet individual needs to create single or multi-level floors.

Established in 1987 and a leading mezzanine flooring supplier, we have a reputation in providing our clients with warehouse, office, industrial and stoarge mezzanine floors, with exceptional service from start to finish.

Mezzanine floors are the ideal solution to enable manufacturing and distribution facilities to significantly increase productivity and storage capacity by maximising the cubic capacity within the building. Here at Teepee we specialise in helping businesses across the UK in expanding their space without the need to relocate by installing a mezzanine floor and avoiding expensive re-location costs.

As a mezzanine floor supplier we design and install all of our floors to meet individual requirements, with standard mezzanine floor loads ranging from 250 Kgs/m2 to 1000 Kgs/m2 (heavier loads are available), constructed having either single or multi-tier levels in the height depending upon clear headroom availability / existing concrete slab capacity.

Mezzanine flooring is quick to install bringing minimum disruption to your business. Not only that, our free-standing mezzanine floors can be easily dismantled, relocated and extended should you have no choice but to relocate.

As a mezzanine flooring supplier, we specialise in the supply and installation of the following mezzanine floors;

Warehouse mezzanine floors

Warehouse mezzanine floors are generally constructed within a warehouse environment to create additional space for either picking and packing operation, storage of pallets or even an archive storage facility. A warehouse mezzanine is accessed mainly via open staircases, having goods loaded/off-loaded via a pallet safety gate, conveyor or goods lift.

Office mezzanine floors

Office mezzanine floors are constructed within both manufacturing and distribution facilities, with offices and welfare facilities mainly being constructed on the first floor allowing daily operations to continue below, these facilities can, however, be installed on the ground floor underneath the mezzanine, thus allowing storage above.  With all our office mezzanine floors we offer a design and fit-out service incorporating office partitions, welfare facilities, electrics, heating, ventilation and floor coverings.

Industrial mezzanine floors

Industrial mezzanine floors are sometimes referred to as storage mezzanine floors and are used in a manufacturing environments to create additional space for an assembly area, machining department or inspection/testing rooms. An industrial mezzanine floor can be either open plan or have partitioned rooms above and below or a combination of both.

Building Regulations

All mezzanine flooring requires building regulations approval in accordance with Part B of the Approved document. This document relates to means of escape, warning in the event of a fire and suitable fire resistance. Further documents taken into consideration when installing a mezzanine floor are Part K which relates stairs, ramps and guards and Part M providing disabled access.

Here at Teepee on behalf of our clients, we will also submit all applications including communicating with the building inspector and fire office to provide a smooth transaction.

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