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Safeguarding your storage system

Whether you’re moving into new premises, have a new storage requirement or it’s simply time to upgrade your existing storage facility, selecting a new system can be a mind boggling task. Fortunately, as a SEMA approved supplier, Teepee are on hand to help recommend a solution that offers the best efficiency and safety for your business’ needs.

There are three main criteria to consider when choosing. First and foremost, we must ensure a safe working environment so our proposals must take into account HSE regulations. Secondly, we must make sure that the solution presents good accessibility to assets and finally, the solution must minimise the risk of damage to stored goods.

When specifying a storage product, we follow SEMA’s simple principles which includes:

  • Safe manufacture offering full traceability of product
  • Safe design to meet strict codes of practice
  • Safe installation by accredited personnel
  • Ongoing rack maintenance through inspection and repair

In this way, we guarantee a product and installation process that clients can rely on to uphold the highest levels of safety standards.

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