RoSPA Training

RoSPA Training Assurance

Wow, what a busy few months it has been here at Teepee HQ!

To think that six months ago we did not even have a rack inspection course … now we have TWO and BOTH are now RoSPA Assured!

Pallet Racking Awareness, Safety and Inspection – RoSPA Assured

Cantilever Racking Awareness, Safety and Inspection – RoSPA Assured

Our commitment to safety:

The much sought-after RoSPA Assurance once again proves our commitment to safety, we have focused our minds on producing an all-rounded rack inspection course for YOUR employees which offers that extra peace of mind that the content and delivery of our pallet racking and cantilever racking inspection training courses have met to the highest of standards.

The legalities:

Our courses are fully compliant with the requirement under HSE76 Warehousing & Storage (second edition) which states…..

644 Employees should receive training, information and instruction on the safe operation of the racking system, including the parts affecting their safety and the safety of others.

645 The PRRS should ensure that inspections are made at weekly or other regular intervals based on risk assessment. A formal written record should be maintained.’

The course:

Our comprehensive and in-depth course covers all aspects that the PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) needs to know, including component understanding, legal requirements, SEMA risk classifications whilst enforcing the necessity for HSE compliant ‘paper trail’ alongside a whole lot more. All this is presented in bite-sized segments at your premises by one of our SEMA Approved Inspectors ensuring continuity between your regular in-house rack inspections and your annual SEMA Inspection.

The day’s pallet racking inspection training is carried out in a relaxed style from our SEMA approved inspector who delivers the course using his experience and knowledge in relaying vital information from the inspection process to the recording of the findings for legal compliance providing the level of competence required.

Proof of competency:

Upon completion of the rack safety course, a certificate will be issued detailing the date achieved, expiry date and the name of the facilities competent PRRS and proudly displaying the RoSPA Assured logo, the certification will last for THREE years whereby refresher training will need to be undertaken.

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