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Outgrowing retail stores that have available vertical space, may consider installing a new retail mezzanine floor. Many people may think that they might need to rent or to relocate to bigger spaces, while spending lots of money, but mezzanine floors are the perfect solution to this problem.

What is a Retail Mezzanine Floor?

Retail mezzanine floors are an intermediate floor built between the floor and the roof inside a building. As well as any other mezzanine floor systems, they utilise vertical space to create another floor level in retail units and increase sales area with no need of renting bigger spaces or relocation.

They are great to maximise available space while they can serve many purposes as many designs and accessories are available to add to their design. Other purposes and uses of a retail mezzanine floor may include storage, WCs, fitting rooms, cafes, staff areas, and more.

What Are The Benefits of a Retail Mezzanine Floor?

As mentioned above, retail mezzanine floors can maximise available space and be used for many purposes, but there are many other benefits they can include, these are:

Money saver – As no need to relocate or rent a bigger/second space to store and show your products, mezzanine floors can be much cheaper.

Range of designs available – As well as many colours, designs, and accessories available, they can include heat and ventilation systems, goods lift, data cabling, electrical work, and many types of partitions, such as glass, steel, acoustic, and more.

Minimal disruption –The area where the mezzanine floor will be installed will need to be closed for safety reasons, but our installation can be smooth and cause minimal disruption.

Easy to relocate or extend – As well as the range of designs, mezzanine floors are easy to extend and relocate. They are not a permanent solution, but they can last as if they are one.

Retail Mezzanine Floor Installation

Depending on the vertical space available you have, retail mezzanine floors can be installed within multiple layers. The only requirement is that they comply with fire and building regulations, which Teepee inspectors and installers can guarantee to you!

The regulations may include a minimum height of 8ft between mezzanine level and ceiling, or ground and mezzanine underside. This applies to every single layer. Other regulations may include stairs available, disability access, fire safety complies such as fire-resistant panels, and more.

If you would like to know more about our retail mezzanine floor installations, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team can help you from the design of your projects to the installation and more!

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