What is a Racking Safety Barrier?

Racking safety barrier

Pallet Racking safety barriers are designed to reduce the damage caused by forklifts and other vehicles by absorbing the impact and retaining the energy through the guard rails while reducing the danger to both the people and the equipment. From double deep pallet racking, push back pallet racking, to very narrow aisle pallet racking, safety barriers are an essential for any workplace!

The safety of employees is one of the most important things to look for in a business and this is one of the reasons why safety barriers are so important. They are low maintenance and offer resilient protection, making the workplace safer by eliminating risks of accidents.

Safety barriers contain a bright yellow colour to increase visibility, helping to grab attention and differing from other steel guard rails the building may have.

Why install racking safety barriers?

As part of the recommendation of the Health & Safety Legislation Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA), safety barriers should be installed around operating machines, offices, and storage equipment in warehouses and industrial environments that have forklift trucks present.

They help to eliminate the risks of accidents and injuries to staff, visitors and even to the products, expensive machinery, and other important systems you may have on your premises. Ensuring that your pallet racking installations stays safe!

The warehouse racking inspections are mandatory every 12 months, where these will point any damage or hazard to the racking safety barriers, preventing risks and accidents and therefore being cost-effective by preventing damage that may lead to even more costs.

Why Teepee?

At Teepee, we offer a nice range of warehouse solutions, including the installation of racking safety barriers and guard systems. These include pedestrian barriers, end of aisle barriers, mezzanine floor guards and more, and they are available in a range of steel and resistant plastic for you to choose from.

Our team is highly trained accordingly to SEMA approved standards, providing all support and expertise needed before, during and after our services and installations. We also offer a 12-month certification together with all our inspections and a no-obligation quotation.

We are proud for offering great customer service and amazing quality of service, so if you would like to receive any advice, don’t hesitate to contact our team of experts.

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SEMA Trained

At Teepee all our approved inspectors are fully insured and trained in accordance with SEMA standards, enabling annual expert inspections to be carried out every 12 months to meet HSE requirements.


Accompanied with all detailed reports will be a 12- month completion certificate, furthermore Teepee will contact you 3 – months prior to your next inspection with a no obligation reminder quotation.


Teepee will provide free support to your PRRS representative for 12 – months. We also offer further discounts on additional site inspections throughout the year (if required), plus multi – site inspections.


As an approved SEMA accredited supplier, we can provide a no obligation quotation to undertake any repair work and maintain manufacturers warranties. Our fully insured repair service only uses genuine components and qualified SEIRS installers.