Bolt & Nut Manufacturing Ltd


As well as a need to increase our storage capacity by 50%, we also needed an installation solution that had minimal impact on productivity. Teepee Materials Handling impressed us with their ability to quickly understand the complexities of the brief, whilst designing a solution that allowed us to continue to operate throughout the process. Demonstrating a detailed understanding of our business, the long term maintenance of the cantilever racking system has also been considered and structured in such a way that individual components can easily be replaced. This is a company that understands their market and how their clients need to operate.
– Managing Director



To accommodate the storage of the raw materials, Teepee was given an area of 5,260 sq ft (493m2) and needed to increase the storage capacity by a further 50%. The new solution needed to store 600 packs of steel bar nom 3600mm long x 300mm diameter x 1000 Kgs each, providing access to each pack.


After carrying out an onsite survey, Teepee provided B&N with a cantilever racking system using a 4 – Way Steer Side-loader forklift truck. This solution enabled B&N to reduce their current aisle widths by 35% as opposed to using a conventional counterbalance forklift.

All cantilever racking was fitted with bolted adjustable arms and a detachable base to enable items to be replaced in the event of components being damaged. This removed the need to replace a complete upright on fully welded or pre-fabricated systems.

During installation, all equipment had to be installed in stages to allow B&N to make space for new cantilever racks. All racks were re-loaded by B&N operating a late evening / early morning shift so as not to affect production activities.

Once fully operational, additional storage capacity was achieved and all bundles of bar were fully accessible, enabling B&N to operate using the same number of staff.



  • 50% increase in storage capacity.
  • Individual packs of bar now fully accessible.
  • Increase in productivity with no additional staff required.
  • All racks fitted with bolted adjustable arms and detachable base, allowing cost-effective repairs.


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