Olympus Global


“We were delighted with the comprehensive and detailed solution that Teepee Materials Handling provided us with. Their proactive approach ensured co-ordination across all necessarily approved suppliers as well as assisting us with onsite support during the presentation to our client.

They were also happy to provide onsite Health & Safety meetings with our client and provided build schedule and appropriate Risk and Method Assessments. All in all our experience was excellent and we would not hesitate to recommend their services.
– Olympus Global



Within an area of 1,730 sq ft (161m2) Olympus Global required a secure store to accommodate 330 pallet locations of mixed consignment stock.

The proposed scheme had to incorporate suitable lifting equipment to enable full pallets to be stored and retrieved, as well as enabling individual SKU’s to be picked from mixed pallets.




After carrying out an onsite survey Teepee projects department provided Olympus Global within a rail-guided VNA  Man-Up forklift truck solution. This enabled Olympus Global to maximize the available clear headroom of 9,900mm, operating within aisles of 1450mm.

By offering a Man-Up VNA solution this allowed full pallets to be stored and retrieved, with the added advantage of allowing the forklift driver to pick individual SKU’s from mixed pallets. Furthermore, by offering a low profile guide rail system opposed to a wire-guided system, this enabled the VNA forklift to operate at maximum speed without the unnecessary expense of grinding back the floor or the installation of wire guidance.

To create the secure store Teepee installed solid single skin steel partitioning at 3000mm high, then anti-collapse weld mesh guarding 9700mm being supported off the racking uprights to prevent any pallets falling onto personnel operating within the area.

Finally, due to confined space, two bi-part opening doors were installed to enable forklift access, complete with steel protection guards fitted either side.



  • High-density racking storage system, enabling pallets to be individually picked at a high level using one forklift within aisles of 1450mm.
  • All beam levels fitted with timber decking to prevent pallets from sliding off the beams, due to individual SKU’s being picked from mixed pallets.
  • Low profile guide rail system installed to provide maximum operational speed, and prevent unnecessary expenditure grind floor slab within aisles / installing wire guidance system.
  • Single skin steel partitioning installed to create a secure store.
  • Anti-Collapse guarding supported off racking uprights to prevent pallets from falling onto personnel operating within the vicinity.
  • Bi- Part opening steel doors with openings of up to 5100mm high were supplied due to the confined space, allowing forklift access.
  • Racking labelling system installed throughout, to provide pallet identification.


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