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This was a critical storage expansion project for us that contained several challenges. Teepee Materials Handling have demonstrated that they not only overcome problematic scenarios but can exceed client expectations with detailed and considered solutions. Their client-centred ethos meant that we were able to stay operational throughout the week, with the majority of disruptive works undertaken at the weekend. This proved invaluable and as such, the project was delivered smoothly with minimal impact to the business.”
– Logistics Manager



When looking to extend the existing pallet racking facility, there were several logistical and operational issues to address.

Firstly, location of the new racking was currently being used by operations to store pallets awaiting dispatch. To facilitate this and provide access to the roller shutter door, a central transfer aisle was fitted within the racking.

Secondly, three different types of euro pallet where to be stored within the racking, varying in weight from 830 – 1330 Kgs. The simple solution would have been to design a suitable racking system to cater for all pallet loads. Unfortunately, the existing concrete slab could only support a maximum bay load of 18000 Kgs.

Finally, in the event of a poor-quality pallet making its way to the finish goods warehouse undetected, Mapei required suitable support.


Mapei needed to keep operating during the week so Teepee proposed to install the new racking over three weekends. The new system would be designed to operate Mapei’s current fleet of forklifts, which consisted of reach trucks and low-level order pickers (LLOPs).

Due to three different types of pallets being stored within the racking system, Mapei was concerned how forklift operatives would locate the right pallet onto the correctly designed beam, to avoid overloading.  To overcome this, Teepee installed three different beam colours from their standard range, enabling drivers to easily identify the correct pallet location. As a further precaution weldmesh decking with suitable pallet supports were fitted to all beam levels, to prevent undetected poor quality pallets from collapsing.

Finally, with a centrally positioned aisle in line with the dispatch roller shutter door nominally 4000mm long, Mapei had concerns regarding the protection of racking uprights as a high number of forklifts operated within the vicinity. With frame guards already installed to all uprights, Teepee installed low-level tubular barriers fitted with our optional low-level protection angle to reduce the risk of damaging the racking uprights. Also, we installed concave mirrors to either side of the ‘Drive Thru’ aisles to enable drivers to be aware of one another’s location, as an additional safety measure.



  • All beams fitted had 3 separate colours to easily identify different pallet weights to forklift operatives.
  • Weldmesh drop-over decking panels fitted to all levels to prevent undetected damaged pallets from collapsing.
  • Upright guards and end-of-aisle barriers fitted throughout.
  • Concave mirrors fitted to all ‘Drive-Thrus’, to enable drivers to be aware of one another’s location.


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