LoneStar Fasteners Europe (LSFE)


“Excellent serviceTeepee worked seamlessly with our contractors to deliver a first-class solution that met challenging criteria. Their knowledge of Building Regulations and their professional and collaborative approach with existing suppliers has made this potentially complex process, easy.”



Within an area of 18,238 sq ft (1,695m2) supply a storage facility capable of storing 1000 bundles of steel bar nom 3600mm long x 300mm diameter x 1000 Kgs, and a minimum of 5000 euro pallet locations each weighing 800 Kgs.


Space was a real challenge with this project and strategic thinking was required to make best use of the available area. Teepee, therefore, proposed a bespoke rail-guided cantilever racking system nom 10,000mm high, with each upright having a base plus 13-1000mm long arms in the height, capable of supporting a uniformly distributed load (UDL) of 3000Kgs per level.

To prevent the bar from rolling off at a high level, welded end stops were fitted to all arms and operating clearances increased to enable individual bundles of bar to be retrieved and stored safely.

With safety our main priority, we also proposed that this free-standing cantilever racking system incorporated detachable base and arms to enable damaged components to be easily replaced, at minimal cost.

The project also required planning ingenuity on two other fronts. The first issue was a limited floor slab load meaning that careful tolerance calculations were an important part of our solution. Secondly, due to manufacturing requirements, the client could only accommodate one transfer aisle. To overcome these issues Teepee installed steel spreader plates underneath all uprights and opted for an articulated forklift truck application. This enabled transfer aisles to be installed two thirds down the length of the racking to increase operating efficiency and reduce the number of forklifts required.

Further safety features included installing full-height mesh guarding to the end of a single entry run of racking to protect the workforce operating within the area, and end of aisle barriers and timber decking above all transfer aisles.

On completion this system allowed LSFE to store 1,008 bundles of raw materials and 5,537 euro pallet locations.



  • Rail guided cantilever racking system enabling 3600mm long bundles of bars to be retrieved at a height of 9500mm.
  • Detachable base and arms fitted to cantilever racking to allow damaged components to be replaced at a minimal cost.
  • Steel spreader plates fitted underneath all pallet racking uprights to disperse load onto an existing concrete slab, and eliminate the need for floor reinforcement (piling).
  • Full height safety screen attached to the rear of the racking, to prevent product falling onto staff below.
  • Specially designed transfer aisles installed two thirds down the length of the racking to maximize operational efficiencies.
  • End of aisle barriers installed to protect the extreme ends of all racks, complete with timber decking to the first beam level to prevent unwanted goods falling onto staff working within this area.
  • Warehouse labelling system installed to cantilever and racking systems.


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