KMF (Precision Sheet Metal) Ltd


“Excellent serviceTeepee worked seamlessly with our contractors to deliver a first-class solution that met challenging criteria. Their knowledge of Building Regulations and their professional and collaborative approach with existing suppliers has made this potentially complex process, easy.”
– Purchasing & Facilities Director



As space within the production facility was at a premium, Teepee opted to install a mezzanine floor nom 4800mm high. This would allow machinery to be located underneath the mezzanine floor, meaning that braces would have to be strategically positioned to provide suitable stability.

The location of the mezzanine needed to be within the centre of the production facility. Normally, with structures of this nature, Building Control require a staircase 4500mm from a final exit, which was impossible to do in this scenario.


Firstly, our design team consulted with the local Building Control department to discuss the issue of fire escape routes discharging 4500mm from a final exit. Due to the overall size of the structure, the Building Inspector was satisfied providing that a secondary route was installed. We then sat down with the KMF project team to establish suitable brace locations, which allowed us to design the mezzanine accordingly.

To meet KMF’s initial brief, Teepee also recommended and supplied a double skin steel office partitioning system. All partitions of this nature have a durable epoxy powder coated finish, ideal for a manufacturing or industrial facility, complete with an inert mineral wool infill to retain heat and provide suitable sound attenuation. To provide vision to all sides, a solid/glass/solid system 2700mm high was installed, having a self-supporting 600mm x 600mm suspended ceiling fitted at a height of 2400mm.

As the mezzanine floor was being used for work purposes, the underside of the platform was fitted with one-hour fire protection to comply with Building Control requirements. In addition to this, KMF electrical and HVAC contractors installed all relevant services in conjunction with Teepee build schedule.



  • New 1,065 sq ft (99m2) first-floor production office.
  • Floor constructed over machinery not to impact on production space.
  • All partitions having suitable sound attenuation and a durable finish.
  • Building regulation approval obtained on client’s behalf.


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