“During the design and build of our Distribution Centre in Burton, Teepee Material Handling was proactive, helpful and informative at all stages from tender negotiation through to delivery and installation on site. Coordination between trades whilst working on site is always a challenge, yet Teepee worked through issues arising on-site to provide resolution with no effect to programme.”



The new distribution centre required a picking and pack facility to service replenishment stock for their retail outlets and online business. Within the remainder of the warehouse, a minimum of 15,000 pallet positions were required.


To create a picking and pack facility, Teepee installed a single tier mezzanine floor covering an area of 35,653 sq ft (3,315 m2), allowing retail stores to be serviced on the ground floor and online business orders to be processed on the first floor.

Fitted to both ground and first-floor Teepee installed 1,178 bays of open type shelving 2000mm high x 500mm deep x 1000mm wide. On the first floor a further 19 bays of carton live storage having 3- roller beds in the height were installed to service fast-moving stock,  and two ‘Up and Over’ safety gates to enable bulk pallets to be loaded to platform to replenish shelving.

Finally, once all online orders had been collated, Teepee installed a powered gravity roller conveyor around the process area, complete with an elevated belt conveyor for all orders to be transported on to the despatch area located on the ground floor.

Within the remainder of the warehouse, Teepee installed two adjustable pallet racking systems. The first area was a VNA racking system designed to store a total of 15,625 bulk pallets, and the second area consisted of a wide aisle racking system capable of storing 3,896 pallet locations of fast-moving goods.

In addition to the above Teepee installed end of aisle protection barriers to all extreme ends of the racking, safety mesh guarding to the rear of the racking, and a barcode labelling system to all racking and shelving systems throughout.

During the fit-out, Teepee co-ordinated with client’s chosen electrical, mechanical and sprinkler contractors.



  • 35,653 sq ft (3,315m2) single tier mezzanine floor installed to house online business.
  • Powered roller and elevated belt conveyor system installed on first-floor mezzanine, to transported goods to despatch area located on the ground floor.
  • Shelving installed on both ground and first-floor level to enable 25,000 SKU’s to be stored.
  • ‘Up and Over’ safety gates installed on mezzanine floor to enable bulk pallets to be loaded onto the platform to replenish shelving.
  • VNA and wide aisle racking system installed to provide 19,521 pallet locations.
  • Full height safety screen attached to the rear of the racking, to prevent pallets falling onto workforce operating on the mezzanine floor.
  • End of aisle barriers installed to protect the extreme ends of all racking, to comply with HSE / SEMA recommendations.
  • Warehouse labelling system installed to all racking and shelving systems.


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