If your current business premises are starting to feel a little cramped, the chances are you’re contemplating a move. As companies grow, the need for versatile space often increases at a faster than ideal rate, meaning that a costly and inconvenient move can seem like the only option. Here at Teepee, we know that needn’t

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Red. Amber. Green

As many of you already know it is a legal requirement to have an annual ‘Expert Inspection’ of your storage equipment such as racking, shelving, mezzanine floors and cantilever racking by an independent qualified inspector known as a ‘SARI’. The ‘Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association’ (SEMA) and ‘Health Safety Executive’ (HSE) recommend a three pronged approach

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Bowing – How much is too much?

So you’ve bought your new racking system, installed and loaded it carefully to within the tolerances recommended by your supplier and you notice that some of the beams are bowing. Is this anything to worry about? The short answer is, it could be. Here at Teepee, we are accredited by SEMA, the Storage Equipment Manufacturing

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We have lift off!

We’re delighted to welcome you to our brand new website, which aims to draw all the components of the Teepee business together in one easy-to-use location. Whether you’re one of our many regular customers, or are new to Teepee, we trust that you’ll find exactly what you need when it comes to warehouse storage solutions,

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We are hiring!

Teepee are recruiting! We currently have 2 vacancies available: A Project Engineer and a Sales Executive. You can find the full details over on our careers page here. For the right candidate these roles will offer a fantastic opportunity to develop your career within our business. Teepee are a family owned business established since 1987

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