Are you searching for a trusted and reliable company to provide you a mezzanine flooring installation in Birmingham? Look no further than Teepee. We design, supply and install mezzanine floors to a range of environments including warehouses, offices and industrial and production settings throughout Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Open Industrial Mezzanine Flooring in wharehouse

Mezzanine floor design

Our mezzanine flooring solutions are fully customisable to your businesses requirements and can include:

  • Fire rated mezzanine flooring (up to 30 mins to an hour of fire protection).
  • Fire protected staircase enclosures (like the flooring, up to 30 mins to an hour of fire protection).
  • Partitions – glass, steel, demountable and other options available to suit all environments.
  • Electrical work – fire alarm systems and lighting.
  • HVAC system installation.

As well as the above, we can integrate any other of our storage systems such as pallet racking or shelving to our mezzanine floors. Teepee guarantees that all mezzanine floor designs conform to the British Standards.

Why Teepee?

Teepee was established in 1987 and since then has been a leading mezzanine flooring supplier in Birmingham. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with an exceptional service from start to finish for all of our projects; no matter how big or small. Our mezzanine floors range from 250 kgs/m2 to 1,000kgs/m2, however, heavier loads are available if needed and can be constructed into either single or multi-tier levels dependant upon capacity.

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