Longspan Industrial Shelving Birmingham

Maximise Your Storage Potential With Industrial Shelving in Birmingham

Warehouse and Industrial shelving units in Birmingham can utilise the height of your warehouse to increase the total storage capacity of your space. At Teepee Warehouse Solutions, we offer industrial shelving in a wide range of sizes, loading, and tiers. Whether you need a single, double, or a multi-tier system, we have the shelving to suit you. We can provide specific shelving structures that are individually tailored to suit the needs of your business application, branding, and budget.

The Types of Industrial Shelving We Provide

At Teepee Warehouse Solutions, we can design, supply, and install the following types of industrial shelving Birmingham:

  • Long Span Industrial Shelving Systems: These are ideal for storing small stock items.
  • Short Span Industrial Shelving Systems: These are ideal for your larger stock items.
  • Mobile Industrial Shelving Systems: These are perfect for copious document storage, such as archives or library storage.
  • Carton Live Industrial Shelving Systems: These are ideal for time-sensitive products as you can implement a first-in, first-out organisational method.

If you are not sure what type of shelves would suit your Birmingham business, our team are happy to discuss the options available to you. Our expert design services allow us to evaluate the needs of your warehouse and will design industrial shelving systems in Birmingham to meet those requirements.


The Advantages of Birmingham Industrial Shelves

Our warehouse and industrial shelving options can provide many benefits to enhance your warehouse space.

We can design them to come with a layer of industrial paint coating that will protect your industrial shelves Birmingham against damage. This provides a level of protection against issues caused by scratching or rust.

Industrial Shelving in Birmingham warehouses will also offer greater levels of flexibility and ease of access to your stock. They make it easier to organise and manoeuvre between your stock than traditional and simple, not industrial shelving options.

At Teepee, our industrial shelves provide a cost-effective storage solution for your warehouse space. You can store greater volumes of stock within the same space that you had before and can delay the need to relocate to larger premises. This will similarly save your floor space whilst offering more storage than you had before. Thus, both your time and storage space will be optimised.

All our industrial shelving options can come with a wide array of accessories and customisation options. Including, but not limited to:

  • Chipboard, Timber, reinforced weld mesh, or steel shelf options.
  • Bin Fronts.
  • Lockable Doors.
  • Closed back or side options.
  • Decorative end panels.
  • Electronic push buttons.
  • Pull out filing cradles.
  • And many more!

Why Utilise Teepee for your Industrial Shelving Needs?

At Teepee Warehouse Solutions, our mission is to provide high-quality storage solutions that can help your business function efficiently. Our individually tailored industrial shelving Birmingham options allow you to choose the perfect shelving for your space. One that can fit seamlessly into your space whilst increasing your efficiency, organisation, and cost-effectiveness.

Our experienced team are on hand to answer any questions you might have. Additionally, we can provide you with a no-obligation quote for the industrial shelf options that will suit your needs. As well to our industrial shelving Birmingham options, we can also install mezzanine floors, cantilever racking, pallet racking, racking inspection training and much more!

Contact us today, or fill out our online contact form to start revolutionising your work space!

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SEMA Trained

At Teepee all our approved inspectors are fully insured and trained in accordance with SEMA standards, enabling annual expert inspections to be carried out every 12 months to meet HSE requirements.


Accompanied with all detailed reports will be a 12- month completion certificate, furthermore Teepee will contact you 3 – months prior to your next inspection with a no obligation reminder quotation.


Teepee will provide free support to your PRRS representative for 12 – months. We also offer further discounts on additional site inspections throughout the year (if required), plus multi – site inspections.


As an approved SEMA accredited supplier, we can provide a no obligation quotation to undertake any repair work and maintain manufacturers warranties. Our fully insured repair service only uses genuine components and qualified SEIRS installers.