Factory partitions are flexible and have many uses in an industrial environment. They can be used to enclose parts of a factory such as shot blasting areas, spray booths, welding areas and machine shops. You can keep allocated areas clean and protected from dirty sections of a factory unit with the simple installation of factory partitions.

Not only is this a cost-effective solution to dividing areas, it is a quick and easy to install process that can be adapted and rearranged to suit your working environment.
The three basic types of factory partitioning that are available tend to be single skin, double skin and angle frame partitions. These types of partitions are freestanding and of steel construction that is bolted down to a concrete floor slab to make them rigid and secure.

Angle frame partitions are made up of simple steel angles welded to form a frame with a sheet of steel or mesh spot welded. Single skin partitions are similar to angle frames but include lightweight channels sections in the uprights. Double skin partitions are locked together with ‘H’ cleats with a cover channel to conceal the joint.

Factory partitions are available in a range of finishes to ensure functionality and aesthetic requirements are met. They offer effective control against fumes, dust, draughts and other contaminants and are available in several shapes and sizes.

The partitions available from Teepee come with a wide choice of accessories including roller shutter doors, sliding doors and can include fire-resistant properties.
Factory partitions aren’t only beneficial to dividing workspace and containing a specified area, they can also be used as machine guards for dangerous or dirty machinery.

Acoustic partitions can also be added to isolate noisy machinery and control sound attenuation and absorption.
Other uses for factory partitions can be found in storage areas, staffrooms, canteens and reception areas, all of which can be constructed using partitions.

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