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Customising your workspace? Ask the experts!

The need to customise your workspace can hit at any point! We find that many businesses return after the Christmas break with fresh eyes and renewed zeal for how best to organise and utilize their work space. As we ease ourselves out of January and into February, we start to receive enquiries about how we might turn these visions into reality and it’s here that Teepee as industry experts, really add value.

Many clients know that they want to optimise space and increase productivity but are unsure what products to specify or how to make best use of their budget. Partitioning, be it for office or industrial space, usually forms an integral part of the requirement as clearly defined working areas are central to fulfilling the brief.

Steel partitions are ideal for an industrial environment and cover a wide range of applications such as clean rooms, factory segregation, inspection rooms, offices, secure stores and manufacturing workshops. This versatile and cost-effective modular system is available in various panel configurations that can include combinations of steel, mesh and glass.

All panels are manufactured using either a single or double sheet steel skin, with standard panel heights ranging from 2440 – 3660mm high, which can also be multi-tiered to increase height where necessary. Extremely adaptable, steel partitions can provide acoustic and fire resistance properties on double skin partitioning systems which can be designed to meet individual and Building Regulation requirements.

If you’re thinking that you would like to customise your workspace, aluminium framed partitioning is a great way to introduce temporary or permanent areas, perfect for growing businesses with changing needs. This system is available in all glass, all solid or a combination of both. They are finished in a variety of different colour wallcoverings to match your corporate image. This modular system also has the advantage of dramatically reducing installation times when compared with traditional stud and plasterboard systems and can also be relocated at a later date.

If you’re contemplating reorganising your workspace but are unsure where to start, our dedicated, in-house design team are happy to have an initial discussion to outline possible options, free of charge. Call us on 01384 256969 or email to arrange.

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