Clean room partitioning consists of modular walls and ceilings which are usually sealed to create a clean area. These rooms are used in environments which are often dirty such as warehouses or factories. A mezzanine floor can be installed above the clean room to maximise space.

The clean room partitioning walls can be easily moved and relocated dependent on your requirements and come with several customisable options including sound insulation, radiation protection and fire protection. Control the concentration of airborne particles once repositioned.

Clean room partitioning is often used in machinery and equipment enclosures, paint booths and areas that require a controlled environment. Sensitive item production such as electronics will also benefit from being manufactured in a clean room to prevent contamination.

The environment inside a cleanroom can be controlled by keeping the temperature and humidity precise. Any particles or other contamination can be filtered out before it gets into the clean room itself.

By reducing the number of ledges and joints in a clean room and using special flush glazing and covered skirting can ensure the area is efficient in maintaining an uncontaminated environment.
Accessories can be installed in the clean room to improve ventilation, provide electrical power and even make the partitioning anti-static.

Full panels and doors can be individually removed or replaced to change the layout of the clean room, meaning panels can be removed without the whole enclosure having to be dismantled.
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