Sector Spotlight: 5 Top Benefits of Mezzanines for Retail Businesses

How Mezzanines for Retail Can Benefit Your Retail Business

Expanding your space with mezzanines for retail businesses is an often-overlooked weapon in the arsenal of any company. They can truly become a game-changing tool for any retail space. Here at Teepee Warehouse Solutions, we want to shine a sector spotlight on the retail industry and present to you the five key advantages that mezzanine floors can bring to any retail establishment.

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Our Top 5 Benefits of Mezzanines for Retail:

Maximizing Retail Square Footage

One of the foremost benefits of mezzanine floors is their ability to effectively double your retail space without the need for costly relocation or construction. This means you can increase your product display area, create additional storage space, or provide a cosy setting for customers to relax and engage with your stock. This increases their comfort and touch time with your products, making them more likely to have a positive experience and therefore, increase your sales.

Optimizing Product Showcase

Mezzanines for retail can provide elevated vantage points that will enhance your product’s visibility. By strategically placing popular or featured items on the mezzanine floor, you can draw attention to specific merchandise, encouraging purchases and enhancing your customer’s shopping experience.

Adaptable to the Changing Needs of Retail

One of the core characterisations of the retail industry is constant change. No matter whether this is in layout, stock, or promotional material. Your store’s layout and offerings might need adjustments due to evolving trends or seasonal variations in demand. Mezzanines for retail offer the flexibility to adapt and reconfigure your retail space without major disruptions to your business.

Customer-Focused Experiences

Mezzanine floors in retail stores can be designed to provide customers with unique and immersive experiences. Whether you create a designated area for product demonstrations, workshops, or interactive displays, mezzanine floors allow for a personalized and engaging shopping journey.

Seamless Integration of Mezzanines for Retail with Your Existing Space

Retail mezzanines can be seamlessly integrated into your existing space, whilst still maintaining the aesthetic and functionality of your store. With careful design and customization, mezzanine flooring can blend in harmoniously with your existing layout and décor, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing retail environment.

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Different Ways a Retail Business Can Utilize a Mezzanine Floor

With a splash of creativity, this often-overlooked tool can be utilised to push your retail business to the next level. Your retail business can utilise a mezzanine floor to:

  • Spotlighting limited-time promotions.
  • Creating a bird’s-eye view of changing fashion trends.
  • Showcasing exclusive or designer collections.
  • Hosting live product demonstrations or events.
  • Expanding fitting rooms with better privacy.
  • Seasonal displays and collections.
  • Setting up in-store cafes.
  • Creating dedicated sections for special promotions.
  • Establishing office space for management or staff.
  • Designing themed spaces for seasonal displays.

Making Your Mezzanine Floor Blend Seamlessly into Your Existing Space.

We appreciate that you might be concerned about how you can make your mezzanine floors blend seamlessly into your current retail space. It can seem daunting to try to plan or design mezzanines for retail businesses. Here at Teepee Warehouse Solutions, we have the tips to ensure that your mezzanine floor seamlessly integrates with your existing retail space. You can:

  • Select materials and colours that match your store’s aesthetic.
  • Incorporate your brand’s design elements.
  • Use lighting to highlight your mezzanine’s features.
  • Create a flow that complements the store’s layout.

If, however, you are struggling with how to make mezzanine flooring work with your current retail space, we have a team of experts on hand to help. Contact our team today to discuss what options you have, and how we can help your retail business achieve its goals.

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency of Mezzanines for Retail

In today’s retail landscape, environmental responsibility is a growing concern for both businesses and customers. Mezzanine floors can play a role in your retail business’s sustainability efforts.

You can equip your mezzanine level with eco-friendly features such as energy-efficient lighting, HVAC systems, and more. These energy-efficient installations can help reduce your store’s carbon footprint, lower utility costs, and demonstrate your commitment to sustainable practices. In turn, this can be a powerful selling point for environmentally conscious customers.

Additionally, mezzanines can facilitate recycling and waste management programs. You can allocate space on the mezzanine for sorting and storing recyclables, helping your retail business become more sustainable. Mezzanines for retail offer a versatile and eco-friendly solution for retailers looking to minimize their environmental impact while also appealing to an increasingly eco-conscious consumer base.

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Contact Teepee Warehouse Solutions for Your Mezzanine for Retail!

By embracing mezzanine floors for retail, your business can unlock a world of new possibilities, from enhanced retail space to customer-focused experiences, all while maintaining a cohesive and visually appealing store.

To explore the full potential of mezzanines for your retail business, contact our team at Teepee Warehouse Solutions to enhance your retail space and customer experience today!



How Often Should You Inspect Racking?

One of the most critical components in your warehouse is your racking system. If designed and installed correctly it should support your business, improve processes and speed up orders. Above all else, keep everyone safe. It would be nice to think that once up, you take racking off your list of jobs. However, this is not the case. To keep your equipment in good working order you also need to continuously inspect racking. A process that extends over the lifetime of your structure. Follow the correct inspection steps and it will uphold safety levels, reduce maintenance costs and help warehouse owners to meet their responsibilities.

With over 35 years of experience in the storage industry, Teepee knows a thing or two about helping businesses keep their racking safe. In our blog, we look at what you need to consider and how often you should inspect your warehouse racking.


Finding the Right Guidance

Navigating the process can be challenging to get your head around. However, there is plenty of guidance available which, together with support from Teepee, will help you stay on top of your racking responsibilities.

The first place to look is the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA). They are a leading voice within the storage industry and are proactive in the development of standards in racking systems. They develop and influence both National and European Codes of Practice and guidelines for all types of storage equipment and in particular cover the inspection process.

Guidance is also available in HSG 76 Warehousing and Storage: A Guide to Health and Safety from the HSE. Although it is not a legal requirement to follow the advice, adhering to the guidance is usually enough to comply with legislation. Their advice aligns with guidance produced by SEMA and follows the lifetime of your racking from the design, supply and installation right through to maintenance and inspection processes.


Meet Your Racking Responsibilities 

inspect racking - know your requirements

Owners of racking equipment need to be aware that storage equipment falls under the classification of work equipment. It is your responsibility to assess and maintain your racking in accordance with PUWER (Provisions and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998).

From the very start, you are responsible for ensuring the equipment is suitable for its intended use. It means checking the design of the racking works for intended loads and correct installation processes have been followed. In a market with very few barriers to entry, it is always advisable to work with a SEMA Distributor Company like Teepee. The accreditation provides reassurance the racking supplier has been through an independent assessment to prove their safety and quality credentials.

PUWER also expects you to provide adequate training for your employees and instruction on how to use the equipment. Moving forward you must then check it is safe to use, maintained in a safe condition and regularly inspected.


Inspect Racking – Step-By-Step Guide

When it comes to the inspection of your racking, SEMA advises adopting a three-tiered approach.

  • Daily – as soon as your racking is in place, you need to keep an eye on it. Every day it will be receive numerous knocks and bumps which, if you don’t address, can quickly turn into big problems.The people best placed to regularly keep an eye on your racking are your employees After all, they are working around the equipment every day and can quickly spot if there is an issue. However, they can only do this with correct training and knowledge to know what a problem looks like. That’s why at Teepee we hold our Racking Inspection Training which instructs your staff on the safe operation of your racking system.
  • Weekly –every week a nominated and trained member of your team must perform a more detailed inspection. This is a Person Responsible for Racking Safety otherwise known as PRRS. Their role is to check everyone is following correct usage, record damage levels and implement action on any points. A formal record of their inspection will be written for your records. Again, our Racking Inspection Training can prepare a member of your staff to take on this role.
  • Expert – the final stage is the Expert inspection which you must undertake at least once a year. In accordance with HSE requirements, only a professional with the correct qualifications can undertake this type of inspection. They will conduct racking and storage assessments while also reporting and making recommendations to maintain the safety of your racking.


What to Expect from Your Inspection Report

Ideally, you want an approved racking inspector who uses a traffic light reporting system. Their report will indicate what damage is present and action requirements over what timescale.

inspect racking - traffic light approachA Red risk indicates serious damage which requires immediate offloading of the rack. At this stage, you must isolate the racking and not use it until the repair work is complete.

Amber shows where the damage is severe enough to require remedial work but does not require ‘immediate unloading of the rack’. However, as you empty pallet positions do not refill the area. If the repairs are not complete within a four-week timeframe the area automatically becomes a red risk,

Green areas indicate where damage falls within SEMA limits and is considered safe, serviceable and suitable for use. The area will be recorded for further consideration at the next inspection.


If you need an expert inspection, get in touch with Teepee and we can arrange for one of our fully qualified and insured racking inspectors to visit your site. They will produce an electronic report that adheres to SEMA inspection guidelines. The report will detail specifications, conditions, damage list by location and photographic evidence for remedial works by your approved supplier.

Need Racking Training for Your Employees?

how often should you inspect racking?

When looking for a racking safety course, it’s worthwhile getting your training from experts who work within the industry. After all, the course should be worth paying for the time and money you are putting in. That’s why at Teepee, we make sure we put our experienced inspectors at the front of the class! Giving you and your employees the chance to draw on both their knowledge and experience.

We will deliver our interactive Racking Awareness, Safety & Inspection Course at your premises and prepare your employees for both the daily and the PRRS weekly inspections. The classroom-based element of the course will equip candidates with a level of competence that meets guidelines and legislation.

Once the classroom element is over, we move out onto the warehouse floor. This practical section gives your employees the chance to inspect your racking in familiar surroundings. They will work alongside the qualified inspector to ensure continuity of findings between the in-house and expert inspections.

Upon completion of the rack safety course, we issue a certificate. This details the date achieved, the expiry date and the name of the facility’s competent PRRS. The certification lasts for THREE years after which they will need to go on one of our refresher racking inspection courses.


Need to Inspect Racking? Teepee Can Help!

At Teepee, we’re more than just creating and delivering the perfect storage solution. Keeping on top of your inspections may seem like a complicated task, but work with us and we’ll make sure it’s something to take off your ‘to-do’ list.

Book an inspection with Teepee and we’ll make sure you never forget your next expert inspection and ensure you meet SEMA and HSE recommendations. Two to three months prior to your next inspection we’ll get in touch to discuss your equipment, help with any problems you may have and book one of our Approved Inspectors to pay a visit to your site. Tick all the boxes and get your employees booked onto our Rack Safety course.



Efficient Storage Solutions

How to Choose the Right Warehouse Storage Solutions for Your Business

For thirty years, Teepee has been providing high-quality storage solutions, material handling racking systems, mezzanine flooring, and racking inspections in the West Midlands and beyond. We offer site surveys and send our experts to assess and measure the available space, suggesting storage solutions that will optimise your space.

Our experienced team of industrial storage providers uses SEMA-approved pallet racking inspectors who carry out fully comprehensive inspections of all the storage solutions we provide. It is mandatory that pallet racking inspections take place at least once a year.

Choosing the Most Efficient Storage Solutions for You:

So, how do you choose the most efficient storage solutions for your warehouse?

If your warehouse is tall but uses very little of its vertical space to store materials, then Pallet racking would be the most efficient system for you.

Efficient Storage Solutions: Pallet Racking Systems

Drive In Pallet Racking systems

Pallet racking systems are ideal for utilising vertical space and maximising storage capacity. This type of storage is easy to access and adjustable to what best suits your needs. Pallet racking is also a cost-effective solution to storing materials and is easy to repair, should you need to.

Depending on your warehouse space, budget, and business requirements, there are a few different racking systems you can choose from.

Wide Aisle Storage Solutions

Versatile and cost-effective, the Wide Aisles are built to store palletised loads in single or double runs that are separated by wide aisles, permitting trucks to operate within. They are built for quick access to stock and can be modified to adapt to height at any time. If you’re looking for flexibility, this is a great storage solution to choose.

Multi-tier Pallet Racking Storage Solutions

Made for hand-load picking systems, our multi-tier systems can have single or multiple-level walkaways between shelves. This kind of racking system is excellent for online retailers with small products with thousands of different SKUs.

Drive-in & Drive Through Storage Solutions

If your stock needs to be accessible to vehicles for loading, then our Drive-in & Drive-through system would be one to consider. Trucks can drive in and out with the load elevated to the appropriate rail height and easily transfer materials. It is accessible from both ends, so if you require a first-in, first-out system or loading and unloading from both sides of the rail, this would be a good storage solution for you.

Double Deep Racking Storage Solutions

Double Deep racking is a standard pallet racking system but is made to fit 2 pallets in a row using the FILO principle (first in, last out). This kind of racking system is ideal for multiple pallet storage and requires efficient stock control.

Push Back Racking Storage Solutions

Specially designed for gravity roll track, the Push Back Racking works in a FILE (first in, last out) system, being able to store up to 10 pallets deep. They are excellent for SKUs that need to be stored in large quantities without the need of moving other pallets. Last-in, first-out (LIFO) and systems respectively, the drive-in & drive-out systems support this.

Pallet Live Racking Storage Solutions

Opposite to Push back system, the Pallet Live racking is a FIFO system (first in, first out). In this case, the pallets are controlled by brake rollers to keep the travelling speed moderate.

Very Narrow Aisle Racking Storage Solutions

We recommend Very Narrow Aisle systems if you have high stock (and high ceilings) but small floor areas. It is a great solution to optimise available space as each aisle varies from 1.5 to 2.0 metres, maximizing the height of warehouses. They require trucks as well as guide rails.

Efficient Storage Solutions: Cantilever Racking

Drive In Cantilever Racking efficient storage solutions

You need to make sure industrial equipment and materials are stored safely in your warehouse and here at Teepee, that is our priority and guarantee. So, if you’re looking for an efficient storage solution for heavy loads or lengthy materials, Cantilever racking would be the perfect option!

Cantilever racking is the best solution for storing longer, heavier materials such as heavy-duty beams. They can withstand heavy loads easily when properly installed. This storage system is instilled with ease in mind, it is a great design solution to ensure your stock levels are maximised safely. For lengthy items, the safest way to store them is horizontally rather than upright so Cantilever Racking is great for storing:

  • Timber
  • Panels
  • Concrete
  • Aluminium sheets
  • Steel sections
  • Worktops and laminates
  • Tubes and heavy pipes

This storage solution is essential for reducing the likelihood of workplace injury and can support up to 5,000 kgs per arm.


Efficient Storage Solutions: Shelving Systems

Industrial Shelving in warehouse efficient storage solutions

Perhaps you’re looking for a type of shelving system to best utilise the space you have. Teepee design, supply and install shelving. Industrial storage shelving offers many advantages including, a protective paint layer that prevents rusting and scratching, saving floor space while offering more storage, easy access as well as money-saving solutions.

Additionally, at Teepee Warehouse Solutions, we also offer long-span shelving, short-span shelving, mobile shelving and carton live shelving. Depending on your stock, our team can advise you on a shelving system to suit your requirements.

For any further information requiring our racking and shelving services, contact us today.