Warehouse Trends 2024 – How to Plan Warehouse Racking Systems

Warehouse Trends 2024 – How to Plan Pallet Racking Systems

Is your warehouse ready for 2024? At this early stage of the year, it is the ideal time for businesses to review their warehouse and work on a plan that will boost productivity and increase efficiencies. Maybe you’ve run out of storage space? Do you need to review your warehouse racking systems or your picking and packing timescales are too slow? Do you need to upgrade your warehouse management, or do you want to analyse changes in customer behaviour? In this new era of increased e-commerce, the warehouse and logistics industry is rapidly changing. However, new warehouse trends and developments are arising that could provide the answers.

So where is the best place to start? With so much noise, it’s hard to pinpoint the changes that will provide the best Return On Investment. If you’re worried about the affordability of new technologies, not sure how easy they are to implement or concerned about disrupting warehouse life, this blog is just for you.

With over 30 years of experience working in the storage equipment and warehousing industry, we know a thing or two about how you can give your warehouse a push in the right direction. Our complete guide will give you some pointers. We look at ways to improve the agility of your supply chain, and how you can future-proof your warehouse for this new revolution in warehouse trends.

Warehouse Trends - add workable space with a mezzanine floor

Warehouse Trends – Optimising Your Space

Before looking at new warehouse trends and what to invest in, let’s start off your 2024 plan with something you already have – your warehouse space. With the cost-of-living crisis challenging our year ahead and warehouse space at a premium, how can we make changes without breaking the bank?

In recent years, warehouse owners have faced the problem of not having enough storage capacity. This could be due to rising costs or a lack of availability of suitable units. Moving doesn’t always have to be the answer. Instead, look at making the best use of your space and invest in a new warehouse racking system. You may not realise it, but your racking could be the key that unlocks a lot of the problems you may experience in your warehouse.

  • Lack of storage?
    Choose warehouse racking systems which increases the density and capacity of your space. For example, a multi-tier structure adds additional storage space and maximises the full height of your building. Or create additional floor space within the same unit with a warehouse mezzanine floor. If you haven’t got the height opt for a VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) which decreases the aisle width and allows more racking within the same space.
  • A need for speed?
    Ensure your layout works for the throughput of your stock. Its journey from the moment it arrives in the warehouse until the moment it leaves should be seamless. To speed up the process, the design of your warehouse racking systems should enhance the flow of the stock, making it easy to locate and removing sticking points. You could even opt for a system such as push-back racking. This operates on a FILO (first in, last out) system which provides less need for manual stock rotation to increase picking and packing timescales.

Warehouse Trends - warehouse racking systems

Future Proofing: Keeping up with Warehouse Trends in 2024

Is your warehouse ready for the future? Can it maximise your business for years to come? Although your warehouse might have supported your business performance in the past, there is no guarantee it will do so in the future. This is especially true when you look at the rise of e-commerce and the demands it places for faster delivery times and multifunctional spaces.

Of course, installing the best warehouse racking systems for your space can help, but to stay competitive in 2024 it is also critical to understand what the new warehouse trends are and how they can improve your business. To help you out, here we share what we believe the future holds. Not that we are psychics or anything.

Warehouse trends - automation

Warehouse Trends – Automation:

Even though we have just stepped into 2024, the warehouse industry knows that the advancements in warehouse automation and AI will continue to be a hot topic. After all, integrate these technological advances and it can improve productivity, increase the flow of stock, deliver consistent results. However, for a lot of smaller logistics, cost has been a prohibitive factor. As the growth and uptake of automation continue, prices are expected to come down and, with the efficiencies it can deliver, should offer a high Return On Investment for businesses.

Of course, any new technology must be the right fit for your warehouse and work with your space. To be successful, the new solutions have to be harmonious with the traditional – your warehouse racking systems. Get advice from industry experts on how automation, robotics or AI will work for you and whether the design of your racking accommodates key elements. For example, does it provide clearance for the movement of automation or build on the improvements the new technology can deliver?

Warehouse Trends – Data is King!:

Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) are not new in the modern warehouse and most businesses have one in place to improve efficiencies. However, as technology advances, now might be the time to address whether your WMS still works for your business.

WMS are essential for providing real-time analytics and insights into the movement of your stock and managing your supply chain fulfilment. Combine the system with AI, especially with hybrid operations, and it can improve the process even further. This will increase the efficiency of your warehouse by avoiding the chance of stockouts and enabling quick response times. Get the right warehouse racking systems in place to support your WMS and it can transform your warehouse.

Warehouse trends - inspection

Warehouse Trends – Sustainability:

As transparency becomes a big factor, customers are expecting businesses to share their contributions to reducing carbon emissions. As the new generation becomes more conscious about environmental impacts and methods towards achieving net zero targets, sustainable efforts by businesses have become a major factor that has influenced buying behaviour/ purchasing decisions. Warehouse owners must prioritise the integration of sustainability at an early stage.

It can be challenging to implement sustainability in the logistics industry. Yet even small changes can be implemented that can make significant savings on carbon emissions. Whether it’s implementing energy-efficient lighting, HVAC or increasing the number of recyclable materials used in your packaging. Also, examine the credentials of your warehouse racking systems. Look at where it has been manufactured and the journey it makes to your warehouse. Alternatively increase the lifespan of your equipment by adopting a rigorous inspection regime

Warehouse trends - work environment

Warehouse Trends – Quality Work Environments:

With rising mental health issues over the past 10 years, the focus on well-being in the workplace has become an important factor. Fostering a positive work environment has proven to have a great impact on employee engagement and organisational performance.

You can support your team by introducing a positive work culture. Specify designated break areas that are comfortable and relaxing. Equip them with the knowledge to perform their job correctly. When it comes to your racking this has the added benefit of keeping them safe! Send them on a training course like our Rack Inspection Training course. Delivered by our expert instructors, the course provides them with the knowledge to work safely around warehouse racking systems. They will also learn how to recognise damage to the equipment. Training is a great way to bring peace of mind to any work environment.

How can Teepee help?

We hope this blog gives you a better understanding of how to give your warehouse a boost in 2024.

Need some help? Why not get in touch with Teepee and see how we can help to upgrade your business in 2024? As a SEMA Distributor Company and through our experience with a wide range of industries, we can provide a full turnkey solution that delivers everything you need to maximise your performance and increase safety:

  • Start with our free site visit to establish the best design solution for your space.
  • Project managing from start to finish. We oversee a smooth and seamless delivery with all works meeting required quality and safety standards.
  • Supplying a flexible storage solution to meet the unique needs of your business, including warehouse mezzanine floors.
  • Installing the highest quality standards with very little interruption to your business
  • Providing aftercare: maintenance, repair & inspection.


Everything You Need to Know About Warehouse Racking Installations

Getting a new warehouse racking installation in place can be a logistical headache for a lot of business owners. Whether extending current racking or moving to a new facility, there are a lot of different considerations to account for.

If starting from scratch, you need to ask yourself crucial questions. Have you got the best design and choice of racking to improve operations? Are you dovetailing in new racking into an existing structure? Furthermore, how will it compromise your business while the work is going on? On top of all that, are you meeting your Health & Safety responsibilities?

In this blog, we guide you through the key questions to ask when you begin your warehouse racking installations. We also look at the best racking for your warehouse, how to choose a racking supplier and how to prepare for a warehouse racking installation.

warehouse racking install - best racking for my warehouse

Have I got the best racking design for my warehouse?

When planning new warehouse racking, before you even get to the installation, there is a checklist of three key areas you must cover:

  1. Design and racking type
    Have you got the best racking for the job? Does the design work for the throughput of your stock as it travels through the warehouse? This requires extensive planning by a supplier who has experience in getting the most out of your space. Get this stage correct and it will increase storage capacity, reduce pick and packing times and improve productivity. Most importantly, it will keep everyone safe.
  2. Are you meeting industry regulations?
    Most warehouse racking installations fall under the category of a construction project and are covered by HSE’s Construction Design & Management Regulations 2015. As the client, you are responsible for checking you have the ‘right people for the right job’. Check the suppliers credentials to ensure they meet health and safety requirements. Are they using trained labour for the design and installation of your racking?
  3. The right supplier
    To meet conditions 1 and 2 on our checklist you need a responsible racking supplier. But, with thousands of racking suppliers listed in the UK, knowing which one to choose is a minefield. When you work with Teepee, we can prove our safety and quality credentials through our position as a SEMA Distributor Company. To gain our membership we have to meet over 40 industry and SEMA standards and demonstrate our commitment to quality and safety through an independent audit. To demonstrate our commitment to meeting SEMA’s high standards, we have to undergo the accreditation process every three years.

Once you’ve ticked all the boxes, it’s time to get the warehouse racking installation in place.

warehouse racking install - trained installersCan I install my pallet racking?

So, a commonly asked question is whether you can install your pallet racking. After all, it sounds appealing to save some costs if you’re only adding in a few additional bays. The truth is that yes, you can install your racking, but it is not something we would ever advise. To understand why, you would need to look at the apparent simplicity of the structure.

When stripped back, racking is a basic structure with very little to it. However, it is this factor that makes correct installation so important. Miss out an important part of the manufacturer’s specification or fail to address key elements in the design code and it will severely comprise the strength of the racking. Take that away and you’re looking at the nightmare of a potential racking collapse.

That’s why at Teepee we only work with installers who have gained industry qualifications in warehouse racking. Not convinced? There are a lot of advantages to making sure you only use trained installers.

What are the benefits of using trained installers?

The first critical benefit is safety. The installation of racking is a skilled job that requires a high level of practical and technical knowledge.

During the installation, to ensure your racking is up to the job, it must meet certain criteria. For example, do the number and type of floor fixings meet manufacturer tolerances? Have they been correctly positioned and tightened?

The next benefit is reducing ongoing costs. Badly installed racking is more likely to become damaged through unnecessary wear and tear weakening the integrity of the structure. Invest in the installation of your racking and it will pay you back in the long term.

If safety and reducing costs weren’t enough of an incentive, there is also a risk of you failing to meet industry regulations. Take a look at HSG76 Warehousing and Storage: A Guide to Health and Safety which advises warehouse owners on the correct steps towards improving warehouse safety. In the area of warehouse racking installations HSG76 recommends that “racking should only be installed by competent people according to manufacturer’s instruction”. To make sure your installer is ‘competent’, you need to make sure they have received relevant training.

warehouse racking install in progress

How do I check my installer is qualified?

You should never assume that your supplier has a trained installer. There are very few installation courses out there and many installers still learn ‘on the job’. Over time it is very easy for an installer to pick up bad habits, or worse, they never learn the correct methods in the first place.

The first thing to do, is check if your installer has a SEIRS card. Run by SEMA, SEIRS is a national scheme which rigorously trains installers on correct installation methods per industry standards. Installers who have been through SEIRS can demonstrate that they have built up a solid foundation of industry-specific knowledge and practical skills needed for installing racking structures.

SEIRS is also recognised by the Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS). An installer who holds a SEIRS CSCS has the correct skills and experience for installing racking on construction sites and will cover your requirements under CDM 2015.

how to prepare for a warehouse racking install

How do I prepare for the warehouse racking installation?

Looking to install new warehouse racking? Work with Teepee and you know we will work to the highest quality and safety standards throughout the process.

To make sure we understand your needs properly we will first visit your site to analyse the layout, understand your needs and the issues you want to address. We will also look at technical aspects such as how to effectively utilise the available space, reduce product handling, and improve access and suitability of the space and floor for the racking. At this time, especially if we’re installing in a live environment, we will work with you to plan the best route to installation and minimise any disruption to operations.

Once you have approved the quote and design, the installation work will take place. Depending on the design and warehouse characteristics, the installation time will vary, However, we strive to get your business up and running as quickly as we can while working hard for the best results.

Ready to get started on your new warehouse racking installation? 

Teepee offers a range of services related to warehouse solutions, from the design, supply and installation right through to inspections and after-care. Call us at 01384 256969 or fill in our contact form and we will happily answer any queries you have or provide a free quote for your racking.



The Benefits of Glass Office Partitions

Elevate Your Workspace with Glass Office Partitions

At the forefront of the ever-changing landscape of contemporary office design, glass office partitions have emerged as the cause of a new shift in mentality. Our workspace culture has begun to move away from conventional office layouts, to now incorporate dynamics spaces. Spaces that now encourage collaboration, creativity, and productivity. Glass office partitions now play a pivotal role in enhancing office layouts. Read on to learn about how they can benefit your business over conventional division walls, and how we can help you fully optimise your office space.

Embarking on workspace evolution does not need to be a dramatic, extravagant process. At Teepee Warehouse Solutions, our glass partitions can provide you with a budget-conscious avenue for a renovation that will deliver significant returns whilst still creating a new and exciting atmosphere.

Office partitions Walsall

What are Glass Office Partitions?

Glass office partitions are one of the core essences of modern office design. They consist of modular structures that employ transparent or translucent glass panels to section off distinct areas within your workspace. Unlike traditional walls, glass partitions can offer your business a balance between privacy and openness.

These partitions are more than simply architectural structures, they are tools that shape the character and style of your office. We have a range of glass office partitions that are as diverse as your business needs. Whether you desire fully transparent panels that help to foster an open atmosphere or frosted glass options to increase privacy, we have the solutions for you.

How Office Partitions Can Elevate Your Layout and Amplify Workplace Productivity:

Imagine an office space which is flooded with natural light, collaboration flows freely and naturally, but where individual focus is still respected. You can easily bring this vision to life with Teepee’s glass office partitions. By integrating glass into your layout, you infuse your workspace with transparency alongside connectivity. Similarly, this design approach creates a sense of unity whilst offering your employees the privacy they need to excel in their tasks. Further resulting in a well-balanced and more productive space for your business.

Looking Beyond the Conventional Solutions

In the pursuit of optimising your office spaces, many businesses opt for significant changes like constructing new buildings or relocating to new premises. Unfortunately, these solutions are often accompanied by substantial cost factors, disruptions, and time investments.

Glass office partitions can offer you a pragmatic alternative. They allow you to redefine your workspace, and accommodate new tasks or staff changes, without the upheaval of traditional construction or relocation. By adapting your layout with sleek, modern glass partitions, you can transform the workspace as you grow to ensure that it aligns with your business’s evolving needs.

Your office’s aesthetic identity matters. It shows your customers and staff instantly who you are or aim to become. Our glass partitions, therefore, come in various designs, styles, finishes, glass types and more customisation options. This can allow you to weave your brand’s identity into the very fabric of your workspace. Furthermore, just as your business evolves, your workspace should adapt. Our glass partitions are designed to be flexible, embracing change and growth with graceful ease.

Office Partitions Dudley

Why Choose Teepee Warehouse Solutions for Your Glass Office Partitions:

When it comes to office partitions, whether they are glass, steel, or plasterboard, our team at Teepee Warehouse Solutions are the right choice for you. Our commitment to enhancing workspace aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency resonates through every solution we can offer.

We understand that each business has its own unique brand, message, and personality. Our range of glass partitions caters to a diverse range of requirements, ensuring that your solutions align perfectly with your company’s vision. Additionally, we have years of experience in supplying and installing innovative workspace solutions. Our team can guide you through every aspect of your process with us. We will support you to choose the right glass partitions, placement, and any necessary design elements to best harmonise with your business.

At Teepee Warehouse Solutions we emphasise both style and substance in every project that we work on. Our glass office partitions, therefore, combine elegance and durability to make the most of your current space and office environment. By investing in our partitioning solutions, you are investing in the lasting appeal and functionality of your workspace for years to come.

office partitions birmingham

Contact Us to Elevate Your Workspace Today!

In the dynamic world of business, shaping your offices isn’t just an endeavour, it is a strategic choice. Experience the modern brilliance of glass office partitions. Glass office partitions, exemplifying contemporary office design, unlock the potential for amplified productivity, seamless collaboration, and elevated employee well-being.

Reach out to Teepee Warehouse Solutions today and elevate your workspace to new heights of innovation and allure. Your workspace’s transformation begins here.



Racking Inspection Training Courses

The Importance of Racking Inspection Training Courses

Warehouses are important hubs for many industries. They are used to store and distribute goods and products. They are essential to the economy and industry. One of the most critical components of any warehouse is the racking system. Racking systems are used to store goods vertically, which maximizes the use of space in the warehouse. However, like any structure, racking systems can deteriorate over time and become hazardous. To prevent accidents and ensure safety, racking inspection training courses are essential for anyone involved in the operation and management of a warehouse.


Teepee Warehouse Solutions Racking Inspection Training Courses Lesson in session

So, What Makes Racking Inspection Training Courses Important?

Racking inspection training courses provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and assess different styles of racking systems. Similarly, they also teach you how to safely carry out inspections and identify potential safety hazards.

Without proper training, any racking inspections performed may be inadequate, and safety hazards may go unnoticed. Racking inspection training courses can help minimize the risk of accidents and ensure the safety of employees working in the warehouse.

Who should attend racking inspection training courses?

Ideally, anyone involved in the operation and management of a warehouse should attend racking inspection training courses. This includes warehouse managers, supervisors, forklift operators, and other personnel who are responsible for the movement and storage of any workplace goods. Training courses can also benefit the work of health and safety officers and inspectors responsible for monitoring workplace safety. By attending racking inspection training courses, these individuals can learn how to identify potential safety hazards and take the necessary steps to minimize risk.

Teepee Warehouse Solutions Racking Inspection Training Courses 2 People Inspecting


What Are the Benefits of Inspection Training Courses?

At Teepee Warehouse Solutions, our racking inspection training courses offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved safety: Racking inspection training courses teach participants how to identify potential safety hazards as well as to take the necessary steps to minimize those risks. By doing so, they can help improve safety in the workplace and reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
  • Compliance with regulations: Warehouses are subject to various regulations and standards governing workplace safety. By ensuring that your staff have attended racking inspection training courses, warehouse personnel can learn how to comply with these regulations and avoid forcing you to deal with costly fines and penalties.
  • Increased efficiency: When kept in good condition, racking systems are vastly more efficient and productive. By identifying and repairing damaged racking, warehouse personnel can improve efficiency and reduce downtime caused by accidents and/or any necessary repairs.
  • Cost efficiency: Accidents and injuries can be costly for employers, not to mention to the staff involved. By attending racking inspection training courses and identifying potential safety hazards, warehouse personnel can help reduce the risk of accidents and injuries, resulting in cost savings for the company.


What Topics Are Covered In Our Inspection Training Courses?

Racking inspection training courses cover a range of topics, including:

  • Overviews of different racking systems: Where participants learn about the different types of racking systems and their components.
  • Inspection procedures: Participants learn how to carry out inspections and identify potential safety hazards.
  • Legal requirements: Participants learn about the various regulations and standards governing workplace safety, including the Health and Safety at Work Act.
  • Risk assessment: Participants learn how to assess the risk associated with damaged racking and identify appropriate control measures.
  • Reporting and documentation: Participants learn how to report and document findings from inspections and communicate them to relevant personnel.

Teepee Warehouse Solutions Racking Inspection Training Courses Man inspecting shelf

Choose Teepee Warehouse Solutions For Your Inspection Training

Racking inspection training courses are essential for anyone involved in the operation and management of a warehouse. They provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and assess racking systems and identify potential safety hazards. By attending racking inspection training courses, warehouse personnel can improve safety, comply with regulations, increase efficiency, and save costs. At Teepee Warehouse Solutions, we offer a variety of racking inspection training courses that are designed to meet the needs of all warehouse personnel.

Contact us today to learn more about our training courses and how they can benefit your organization.



Warehouse Solutions: What Can You Do To Maximise Your Warehouse Space?

Reliable and Effective Warehouse Solutions

At Teepee we strive to ensure that your warehouses and workplaces work as efficiently as possible to consequently streamline the efficiency of your business. We understand how a chaotic, disorganised, and over-filled warehouse can cause havoc on your business. Affecting not only your production chain by getting in the way of your staff but also makes it harder to keep things organised. Additionally, they can become serious safety or fire hazards for yourself and your staff. Our team has over 30 years of experience in providing high-quality warehouse solutions for your storage issues.

So, what warehouse solutions are there?

Longspan industrial shelving

Long span shelving systems:

  • Ideal for storing large.
  • Come with chipboard or steel shelf options.
  • Used within archiving, manufacturing, warehousing, and wholesale environments.
  • Can support loads of up to 1000kgs.




Shortspan Shelving

Short span shelving systems:

  • Ideal for storing many small items.
  • Can support up to 200kgs.
  • Accessories such as dividers, bin fronts, lockable doors, closed back and sides.
  • Used within wholesale, warehouse, and manufacturing environments.



Mezzanine Flooring Installation at Dimensions Ltd

Mobile shelving systems:

  • Found in offices, libraries, archive stores, and retail stores.
  • Can hold between 250kg-1000kg, depending on the size and variety you have.
  • Ideal for document storage, such as medical records, office records, archive filing, and library storage.
  • Accessories such as shelf dividers, pull out file cradles, decorative end panels, electronic push button controls, and trackless systems.

Carton Live Industrial Shelving


Carton live shelving systems:

  • Can make your picking faster and more efficient.
  • Work on first-in-first-out principles, to ensure efficiency.
  • Specially designed roller-track shelves angled at a slight gradient.
  • Can help to minimise picking errors and reduce the time frame between order to delivery.
  • Ideal for warehouses with high picking volumes.
  • Can be fitted with optimal lane guides


Mezzanine Flooring in industrial environment

Mezzanine Flooring:

  • Ideal to expand and maximise space without the need to relocate.
  • Utilises wasted vertical space within your building.
  • Can be designed to suit warehouses, offices, industrial, and retail environments.
  • Modular design and fully demountable or extendable.
  • Can significantly increase stock storage and/or workspaces.



Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking:

  • Ideal for storing long objects.
  • Supports up to 5,000kgs per arm.
  • Maximises your floor space.
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty universal beams.
  • Available in heights up to 10m and arm lengths of 3m.


warehouse Office Mezzanine Flooring

Office Partitions:

  • Specifically tailored to suit your brand/image.
  • Available in heights up to 3000mm and widths of up to 1200mm.
  • Available in solid to full height glazed, part glazed, and single or double glazing.
  • Accessories such as doors, integral blinds, glass manifestations, and finishes to incorporate your company ethos.


White and grey Steel Partitions

Steel Partitions:

  • Cost-effective alternative to sub-dividing your warehouses.
  • Premanufactured then delivered to site to minimise disturbances.
  • Modular Design to allow for easy replacement in the event of damage.
  • Wipeable epoxy powder coated finish for easy cleaning.
  • Hygienic Partitions available: Structures made from High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) composite board, which can be cleaned effortlessly.




Why Choose Teepee for your Warehouse Solutions?

For over 30 years, we have been providing high quality storage solutions, material handling racking systems, mezzanine flooring and racking inspections for the West Midlands and beyond. Specialising in the planning and installation of storage systems, we offer our services to a wide range of industries and sectors from retail stockrooms to warehouses and everything in between

To ensure every customer receives the best possible storage system for their needs and requirements, we offer a site survey. Any weaknesses in the warehouse and production chains will be addressed and prevent them from translating into a loss of profit for your company.


For More explore our range of services or get in contact with us today!

Work Place Equipment



Types of Mezzanine Floors

If you are looking to acquire a mezzanine floor for your company building, then you must know the differences between each type of mezzanine floor to know which one will be the best for your requirements, and most importantly, what are their functions. Therefore, we at Teepee Warehouse solutions, have pulled some nice information to help you.

What Is a Mezzanine Floor?

A mezzanine floor is an intermediate floor constructed between the building floor and roof. It can and should be tailored made for each client, so it can increase storage and/or productivity capacity by maximising the building floor space.

What Are The Mezzanine Floor Functions?

Mezzanine floors are easy to install, easy to maintain and very durable, and the best part is that they can help you to save lots of money by increasing your floor space and taking away the necessity of relocating and paying for a bigger space when it is not necessary.

The mezzanine floors also have a modular and fully demountable design, so if you need to extend or do need to relocate, there are no headaches!

They can include many features, which again, can be tailored to each requirement and building space. These are:

mezzanine floors solutions

  • HVAC – Air ventilation and cooling or heat systems
  • Fire-protected staircase enclosure
  • Fire rating of mezzanine
  • Electrical work such as data cabling, small power, lighting, and smoke detection
  • Access equipment such as goods lift and conveyors
  • Partitions with acoustic, glass, steel walls, etc.




Types of Mezzanine Floors

Each type of mezzanine floor will acquire different features. These can have one or more functions, and one or more tier levels and the final design will be also done accordingly to the client’s requirements. The types of mezzanine floors available are:

Great to create extra space for picking and packing operations, storage of pallets, and archive storage facilities. Without compromising floor space.

Great to create extra floor space for open-plan offices, training rooms, meeting rooms, staff breaks, and toilets. You can add an office mezzanine floor to a warehouse and a manufacturing environment.

Great to increase floor area to cope with increased demands and manufacturing area, it can also extend production area, manufacturing rooms, inspection rooms, and maintenance rooms.

Great to add more space for storage of goods, working space, and as well as the office mezzanine floors, the retail mezzanine floors can also be added toilets and offices for meetings and receiving clients.

Mezzanine Floor Functions

Hiring a Warehouse Solution Service

Just make sure to select a reliable service that will follow all guidelines so your premises will be under all regulations and your mezzanine floors will also be durable and efficient. At Teepee Warehouse Solutions, we can install and design the best mezzanine floors, accordingly to your requirements and needs.

Our team is highly trained and certified, and our customer service is just excellent. We are committed to excellence, and we aim to provide the best service possible with minimal disruption.

As well as the mezzanine floors, we also offer a nice range of warehouse solutions, including pallet racking, racking inspection training and shelving. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are happy to answer any queries you may have!



Benefits of a Mezzanine floor installation

What are Mezzanine Floors?

Mezzanine floors are the ideal solution for premises that need extra space but don’t have enough floor space available. They are intermediate floors constructed between the roof and the floor, creating then another floor level and maximising a redundant vertical space.

Benefits of a mezzanine floor installation

It doesn’t matter if you require to build extra office space or another warehouse floor level, a mezzanine floor installation can bring many benefits to any premises they are built. These include:

mezzanine floor benefits

  • Cost-effective solution – much cheaper than relocating, mezzanine floors are also easy to install and maintain.
  • Easy to extend or relocate – They are fully demountable with a modular design, so in case you do relocate in the future, you can also demount and reinstall your mezzanine floor
  • Provide extra floor area – utilizes redundant vertical space creating an intermediate floor, maximizing floor area and space, to whatever the need.
  • Tailor-made design – They may suit most requirements, regardless of whether it is a single floor level or a multi-floor level. For example, mezzanine floors can also have open floor space for extra storage or be used as an office.
  • Different installation features – Such as the open/partitioned space, the mezzanine floors can also the installed with electrical work (lighting, data cabling, smoke detection), HAVC (heat and air ventilation), goods lifts, fire-protected staircase enclosures and more.

Benefits of Mezzanine floors for each industry

  • Retail: Retail mezzanine floors generate extra working and/or storage space. They can incorporate a new sales section or even new stores.
  • Industrial: Industrial mezzanine floors can increase manufacturing and production facilities. They can be used as storage with an open-plan floor mezzanine or as inspection rooms if partitioned.
  • Office: Office mezzanine floors are a premium space inside a manufacturing environment and can be quite comfortable and well-constructed with different partitions, HAVC, floor coverings and more.
  • Warehouse: Warehouse mezzanine floors can also serve many purposes, be it storage, office space, training rooms, etc.

Teepee Warehouse Solutions is in the field since 1987 and all our staff is trained accordingly to SEMA standards. If you have any queries about our mezzanine floor installations, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!



What can a mezzanine floor do for you?

Mezzanine flooring has many different advantages to suit various requirements. But what can a mezzanine floor do you for you and your business? Find out below…

Provide extra storage

A mezzanine floor can increase your floor space up to 50% and provide additional capacity for stock or anything else that you may need to store.

Create an office space

A common use of a mezzanine floor is to increase or create office space within a warehouse. It creates a second floor within your existing premises for additional offices or to add an office if necessary.

Both floors (the ground floor and the mezzanine floor) can be used for office space.

Integration of other warehouse storage systems

Many other warehouse storage systems such as pallet racking and industrial shelving can be integrated within a mezzanine floor.

Benefits of mezzanine flooring for different industries

Retail stores, shopping centres and grocery shops

All retail and grocery stores often receive a lot of footfall and custom. Due to this, owners are constantly looking at ways to improve and expand on the facilities available to the customers. Instead of relocating or purchasing additional land, a mezzanine floor will provide all the additional space you need.

Mezzanine floors can be used for grocery stores to incorporate a clothing section or for shopping centres to add additional stores.

Production industry

Mezzanine floors are often used in the production industry as it is a fast-growing sector. They are used to overcome any challenges a company may be having with space and storage.

If later, you then find you need to move premise as you are still lacking space, the mezzanine floor can be taken down and re-constructed at your new premise.

Manufacturing companies

Mezzanine floors can be designed and constructed with different loading weights in mind meaning they are the perfect solution for manufacturing companies wanting to expand on their storage and space.



Left a bit… right a bit!

As our inspectors are conducting their SEMA approved rack inspections, one of the most common comments is the placement of pallets within racking.

This may sound a bit petty and nit-picking but there is good reason, we will explain…

Pallet racking is specifically designed to accommodate the pallets that YOU are using… This is because manufacturers design intolerances of safety.

SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) have guidelines specifically on the position of loaded pallets, the reasons are quite simply it is all about SAFETY!

Pallets can and do damage to racking!

Clearances all around the pallet (looking at the loading face) in the first instance makes life easier for the FLT operator to load/unload the pallet giving room to manoeuvre; more importantly, it eliminates the potential of pallets damaging racking components, such as the uprights, beam connectors or frame braces … so it makes sense to have clearances.

Did you know that the depth of your pallet racking frame is designed to be slimmer than your pallet?  Why.. well, it’s to make sure that the pallet has the recommended 50mm overhang over the front and rear of the beams, which provides maximum support to the pallet and gives a uniform distributed load spread along the length of the beam.

Perils of loading pallets flush with the front beam!

As seen so many times; pallets have been loaded flush with the front beams, to either give ‘a bit more room’ to manoeuvre the forklift or just because it’s easier for the driver to align the pallet onto the beam. Sadly, this has a knock-on effect in so many ways…

Front beams get damaged as the mast comes into contact with the beam causing it to split.

The rear of the pallet is now sitting on the underside of slats, which can easily give way causing the pallet to dislodge.

If pallets are over offered flush on the front beam then the ‘back-to-back’ flue gap in the run of pallet racking has now been severely reduced. The design in safety clearance between the racks has now been compromised which could easily dislodge pallets to the rear, as pictured below.

Please for that extra few seconds to make sure that your pallets are sitting correctly.

We would go one further and suggest that ALL forklift truck operators are made aware of these tolerances and the reasons why they are so important.

Prevention is always better than cure, and cheaper!

Need help? … Teepee are always happy to offer our expert help and advice, we are only a call away.



RoSPA Training Assurance

Wow, what a busy few months it has been here at Teepee HQ!

To think that six months ago we did not even have a rack inspection course … now we have TWO and BOTH are now RoSPA Assured!

Pallet Racking Awareness, Safety and Inspection – RoSPA Assured

Cantilever Racking Awareness, Safety and Inspection – RoSPA Assured

Our commitment to safety:

The much sought-after RoSPA Assurance once again proves our commitment to safety, we have focused our minds on producing an all-rounded rack inspection course for YOUR employees which offers that extra peace of mind that the content and delivery of our pallet racking and cantilever racking inspection training courses have met to the highest of standards.

The legalities:

Our courses are fully compliant with the requirement under HSE76 Warehousing & Storage (second edition) which states…..

644 Employees should receive training, information and instruction on the safe operation of the racking system, including the parts affecting their safety and the safety of others.

645 The PRRS should ensure that inspections are made at weekly or other regular intervals based on risk assessment. A formal written record should be maintained.’

The course:

Our comprehensive and in-depth course covers all aspects that the PRRS (Person Responsible for Racking Safety) needs to know, including component understanding, legal requirements, SEMA risk classifications whilst enforcing the necessity for HSE compliant ‘paper trail’ alongside a whole lot more. All this is presented in bite-sized segments at your premises by one of our SEMA Approved Inspectors ensuring continuity between your regular in-house rack inspections and your annual SEMA Inspection.

The day’s pallet racking inspection training is carried out in a relaxed style from our SEMA approved inspector who delivers the course using his experience and knowledge in relaying vital information from the inspection process to the recording of the findings for legal compliance providing the level of competence required.

Proof of competency:

Upon completion of the rack safety course, a certificate will be issued detailing the date achieved, expiry date and the name of the facilities competent PRRS and proudly displaying the RoSPA Assured logo, the certification will last for THREE years whereby refresher training will need to be undertaken.